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We Care to Challenge
The Students’ roll of honour which is growing weekly….
Year 11
 Nathaniel Dance
 Turner Noad
 Duncan Cheung
 Clara Goddard
 Don Quan
Grace Turner
Jamie Jones
Nathaniel Dance
Turner Noad
Don Quan
Year 10  

Kaushal Sherpa
Kieran Applegate
Fatimah Abubukur
Princess Reyes
An Quan
Aidan Moss
Robyn Seke
Chloe Waterlow
Ethan Daplyn
Anna Hartley
Aleksandra Gelemenova
Kody Taylor
Harriet Williamson
Jarred Addison
Kaitlyn Bengston
Evie MacDonald
Natalie Ng
Luka Pattison
Eloise Nunn
Anna Hartley
Bethany Newbould
Emily Stock
Daisy Thomas
Ivo Benev
Isobel Chesney
Coryn Godfrey
Daniel Booth
Charlotte Robins
Aneil Phakey
Jack Andrews
Zach Rutter
Tristan West
Thomas Abbs
Luke Myles
Leah Hookway
Imogen Carden-George
Annika Harwood
Anna Nolan
Mark Billington
Keeley Cope
Leon Legard
Oscar Heath
Riley Grainger
Brooke Hewlett
Joshua Kast
Darshan Limbu
Aiden Wood
Lily Barbier
Maria Warwick
Jack Barnett
Ava McNeill
Tess Arden-Murphy
Ameenah Ali
Grace Dobinson
Kaden Shackleton

Kaushal Sherpa
Fatimah Abubukr
An Quan
Oscar Heath
Chloe Waterlow
Jarred Addison
Zack Rutter
Eloise Nunn
Mark Billington
Natalie Ng
Harriet Williamson

The IT & Computing Department “actively encourage all our students to sign up at the start of year 9”

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA is an international award winning programme that helps you develop digital, enterprise and employability skills for free.

Through their series of online challenges, you can win career-enhancing badges, unlock new opportunities and, ultimately, gain industry-recognised Awards that help you stand out from the crowd.

There are six iDEA areas of tasks to explore to gain your 250 points, 4 are compulsory in the Bronze Award, these are Citizen, Worker, Maker and Entrepreneur Badges in which you must achieve at least 50 points in each one.  Leaving you to do the last 50 points in any area you particularly have an interest in. The remaining last two badges are Gamer Badges and currently in development Independent Badges.

After achieving the Bronze Award you can level up to Silver.

Below is an image of the Citizen Badges you can collect, each one has different values to make up the total required to achieve your badge.

You will not have to do them all!   
To get your Citizen Badge you need only 50 points, so please do not be put off.

Will universities recognise my achievements with iDEA?  
Can I put my achievements with iDEA on my CV?  
Yes, you can use your iDEA Badges just like the awards in DofE

Record of Achievement
The badges demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have gained at both Bronze and Silver level. 
To find out more click here