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We Care to Challenge

   The Mistral Maiden by Chad Canterbury

   M otivated
    I ndependent
    S uccessful
    T rustworthy
    R esilient
    A spirational
    L eaders

If you hang out with chickens you're going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles you're going to fly...Are you going to be a chicken or an eagle?

Latest House Point Totals:

Summer 1 2022

Next House Assembly:


Tutor Group Heroes

7V   TBC
7W   TBC
8V   Appa
8W   TBC
9V   TBC
9W  Buckbeak
10V  Dumbo
10W  Winnie the Pooh
11V    Rosa Parks

11W    Pegasus

House Charity

Mistral House are fundraising for The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

Current House Colour Awards

Half Colours

The following students and staff have received Half Colours for their contribution to Mistral House success.

Year 7

Clark Buckingham
Taylor Heath
Larissa Mann
Evie Hayden-Ellis

Year 8

Bradley Applegate
Livia Daplyn

Year 9

Louis Allcock
Josh Barker
Ofelia Jones
Cara Levesley
Dylan Sandy

Year 10

Edie Batson
Jasmine Cragg
Sam Kearsey
Rishn Jetik
Charlotte Robins
Evie Travers
Ellie Tusz
Jake Whitcombe

Year 11

Alex Barrette
Oakley Beighton

Olivia Kinsey
George Foster

Elliott Miles
Tobin Mitchell

Owen Piper
Redip Scherchan
Archie Smith
Ollie Stevens
Layla Weller


Mrs Lloyd
Mrs Turk
Mr Watts

Miss Young

Full Colours

The following students and staff have received Full Colours for their contribution to Mistral House success

Year 10

Philippa Bolden
Autumn Phillips
Josephine Pinel
Anna Nolan
Luke Myles
An Quan
Jessie Squires
Harriet Williamson

Year 11

Lily Butler
Clara Goddard
Ezekias Thapa


Mrs Bunce
Mrs Nicol
Ms Nicholson
Mrs Parkin
Miss McKie
Miss Winter
Mr Britten





Head of House:
Miss Harris

House Prefects:
Grace Rasaqa
Millie Morgan

...represents your different kinds of insights from common sense to practical knowledge, human knowledge, your inspiration and creativity, and your vision

Latest News

March 2022

Red Nose Day Quiz

Congratulations to Mistral Tutor Group 11W for winning the KS4 Red Nose Day Quiz!

February 2022

KS3 Pancake Competition

Huge congratulations to Mistral student Nia Y7 for coming 2nd in the KS3 Pancake Competition. Your entry looks amazing!

Safer Internet Quiz

Congratulations Mistral - Overall winners in the Safer Internet Quiz! Well done 8V and 9W for winning in their Year Group! 

December 2022

Christmas Tree Competition

Unfortunately the Mistral tree came 4th but thank you to everyone who contributed.

Christmas Quiz Results

1st 137 Ignis
2nd 130 Terra
3rd 89 Aqua
4th 70 Mistral

PE Competitions

Well done to all Mistral students who took part in the House Cross Country Polo Run. Read the results here...

Olympic Event: Table Tennis Results

1st Mistral 145 1000pts
2nd Aqua 143 750pts
3rd Terra 142 500pts
4th Ignis 130 250pts

Paralympic Event: Seated Volleyball Results

=1st Aqua 65 1000pts
=1st Ignis 65 1000pts
=1st Terra 65 1000pts
4th  Mistral 55 250pts

July 2021

2020-21 House Cup Winners!

For the third year running Mistral are the overall winners of the House Cup in 2021. Congratulations to you all!

June 2021

House Pet Competition

Mistral came 3rd in the House Pet Competition. Thank you to those who entered, we loved seeing your furry friends!