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Remote Learning

If necessary for the School to be closed at any time during the normal School Year, remote learning will continue online via Satchel One (formerly known as Show My Homework) where possible.


Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Learning during the 2020 Covid-19 school closure

Will work be set for each lesson?

No work will be set for PSHE (Monday p1) from Monday 30th March, so students can have a late start on a Monday morning. Other than that some work should appear for every lesson. If work does not appear first check back to a previous lesson as some work is designed to take more than one lesson – check the instructions and the time suggested it should take to see if that is the case. However, please be aware that should a member of staff become ill, it may be that no work can be set for that lesson.

If no work is set, we recommend that students have a break and go and get some fresh air. If they particularly want to continue working they could go onto one of the online learning platforms (SAMLearning, MyMaths etc.) and choose some further activities.

The Satchel platform has struggled to synchronise with the school at times which has caused some glitches. The company are working hard to avoid this issue so hopefully that won’t be a problem moving forward.

When is the work set?

We have tried different methods this week and will move to simplify this from next week. Work will be set on the day before the lesson and the completion date set for the day of the lesson. That will allow parents, if they wish, to see during the evening before the lesson what has to be done the next day and download anything that may help when the platform has less traffic on it. It will also hopefully be clearer on the student’s calendar about the work for each day as there should be just 6 pieces of work to complete. Please be aware that it will take until after Easter for this to fully resolve.

We will not intentionally set any work to be completed on a Saturday or Sunday.

Is my child expected to complete all the work that is set?

No. We fully appreciate that parents are not teachers and are under their own stresses during this challenging time. We are not expecting you to do home-schooling! We are adapting as fast as we can and trying to set work that will help students to keep their studies alive whilst not disadvantaging those that cannot do it for whatever reason. We absolutely understand that not all students will be able to do the work and parents/carers must make the decision what is in the best interests of their child.

In a normal lesson a teacher will adjust their plans as the lesson proceeds, however that is not possible now we are working remotely. Teachers are having to judge the amount of work that students can complete within each lesson which is much more difficult without the students in front of us. This does mean we may not always get it right!  If your son/daughter finds they cannot complete the work set during the lesson it has been set for, then please ask them to message their teacher via the notifications section of Satchel One to ask for help with what they should do.

No student will be punished for not doing the work!

What if my child does not do the work?

We hope that as many students as can will do as much of the work as they can. However, as we are not working in the classroom with them, we are relying on parents to support us in making the right decision with their child about what is manageable so that the students do their best to do what they can. We are expecting all students to at least have a go with most of the work. Teachers are making a record of what is completed so that we can reward those that are able to work as much as they can.

Please also see the response to the question above and to reiterate, no student will be punished for not doing the work!

My child is unwell, do I need to notify school and should they still do the work?

No, you do not need to notify the school if your child is unwell. As with a normal absence in school, if your child is still able to do the work at some point then that would be best. Parents/carers will need to make their own judgement about this.

My child has completed all the work before the end of the ‘lesson’, what should they do?

Check that they have completed all other work and then have a well-earned break! There are many online activities that are being advertised that they could do if they want to continue to work.

Does my child have to do the work during the normal lesson time?

No, work will be set for that time but can be completed at any time. If a student wants to do it after the day it is to be completed then they can but will need to look at the past activities tab on their calendar to be able to find the work. However if students are expected to submit/upload work and they don’t do it on the day, it may not be picked up by the teacher for marking.

Is my child expected to send/upload work for teachers every lesson?

No, teachers will make it clear when work is to be uploaded as the site cannot cope with every student uploading everything they do. Teachers will ask for certain pieces of work to sample what students are doing and mark significant pieces of work, just as they do in school. Teachers will be making a record of what is completed so that when the school returns to normal they are aware of what each student has been completing and the standard of that work.

Some activities (such as on SAM Learning and other similar sites) will be self-marked and nothing needs to be submitted in that case as the marks are sent automatically to the teacher.

How does my child upload written work or art work that they done?

If you have a scanner they can scan it and upload it as a pdf document, otherwise if they have a camera on their phone they can take an image of the work and upload that.

My child is having difficulty uploading work for teachers

If the teacher is not expecting a submission then the ‘submit’ button won’t appear and students won’t be able to send any work. If the green ‘submit’ button is there and it won’t upload, the student should send a notification to the teacher that they have tried (sometimes we are finding that it appears not to have sent but then does arrive in the teacher’s notification). The student (or parent/carer) can then send the work to and the work will be forwarded to the relevant teacher. Please ensure that you make it clear which teacher the work is for and only use this as a last resort otherwise this mailbox won’t cope!

My child hasn’t got their exercise book with them, can I get it?

Unless you are a key worker who has registered with us for your child to be in school, then with the current restrictions on movement it is not possible for students to collect their books at the moment. Should the restriction be lifted then we will work out how we can arrange for books to be collected. Until then students will need to write on paper or type up their work if they can.

How do the notifications work?

If the student is struggling with any aspect of the work they can message the teacher via Satchel One. Teachers are monitoring all messages during the lesson but will not necessarily respond to every one. This will allow them to adjust further lessons or provide more general support/advice.

Please note: the notifications are for the purpose of supporting learning. If they are misused in any way by the student we will remove their access to satchel:one for a period of time or remove them from a particular class so that they will need to use the public calendar to access their work and won’t be able to use the notifications. If this were the case, work will need to be submitted via

Why is my child still being set homework?

They aren’t! Some teachers had set homework on the system in advance which automatically started to appear. We have gone onto the system this week to remove those homeworks so they shouldn’t appear in the future.

Please see response to “When is the work set?” above. This means that work for Monday’s lesson may be posted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and so it may appear that homework has been set for the weekend – that is not the case, it is the work for Monday’s lessons.

The sites we are using seem very slow which is frustrating, why is that?

Whilst the owners of Satchel (and other sites) were planning for this eventuality they were unable to test for the unprecedented demand on both the internet and on their platform that the school closures has caused. That is to the credit of all the students and their parents/carers for embracing so well this new way of working! We all need to be a bit patient.

My child cannot get into Satchel One on their computer as well as their mobile phone/ My child cannot get into Satchel One at all, what can they do?

If an email address was used when registering for Satchel One then that can be used to reset their password etc. If no email address was used then we will need to issue a new PIN. Contact us on with any issues. We have been working on setting up every student with a school email address to help us moving forward with remote learning and this will help us to support you better with Satchel.

Please be aware that we are unable to send work home via email. If they have an issue, they could contact a friend in their class and see if they could send the details to them.

Why can my child not see all of the work that has been set?

We have recently noticed that some students are missing work set on Satchel(SMHW) due to having set the filter on their app to show just ‘homework’. In order to see all work that has been set for each lesson it is important that ‘homework’ is not set as a filter in their calendar menu.  Different types of work set for classes appear as different colours eg. quizzes, spelling tests, assignments etc and students should be accessing all of this work set.

Please check that your child has no filter applied and is able to access the full timetable.

I cannot access the links and documents on Satchel One, why is this?

We suggest you try clearing the memory (cache) of the device being used as it may be that you have run out of space to store files on the device otherwise access Satchel One within a web browser. If it continues to be a problem please contact Satchel via their helpdesk for advice as this is an issue that is  beyond our control. If you have explored all these possibilities and you still can’t access files, then please contact us and we will seek an alternative solution for you.

My child cannot get into Kerboodle, can you help me?

Their username should be the same as their username to log into the school computers. The institution code is sL4 (not case sensitive). The original password was the same as their username and they were then prompted to change it. If there are problems logging in, then email and we will reset their username/password.

My child cannot get into SAM Learning

The centre id is GU14WS. Their username and password are the same and are their date of birth and initials, e.g. Veronica Salt born on 27th March 2008, would be 270308VS. Any problems email

My child cannot get into GCSEPod

Students have to register themselves on the GCSEPod site. If they forget their log-in details, email and we will sort them out.

My child cannot get into MyMaths

The username is Wavell and the password is Divide. All students then have a second level password that allows them to see individual work set by their Maths teacher. If they have forgotten those details, then they need to send a message to their maths teacher (via SMHW) or email and we will forward the message on.

What are the plans for lessons in the Summer Term until schools re-open?

We are currently working out what we will do during an extended closure so that we are able to pick up as best we can when students return. In the Summer Term teachers will concentrate on work to develop more generic subject skills and consolidate previous learning rather than do too much new learning. This way we hope the whole school will be in a good place to pick up from where we left off and accelerate through the rest of the 5 year curriculum from whichever point they have got to.

Whilst we hope that all students complete the work set to the best of their ability in these circumstances, this is absolutely vital for Year 10 as clearly if we don’t return until September we will have a term’s new learning to cover as well as the rest of the work we haven’t yet covered in 2 ½ terms before they sit their GCSEs!

As soon as we become clearer about what adjustments the Department for Education will make to the curriculum in light of the closure then we will let you know. Until then we all need to keep going as best we can.

How will the work be marked during the school closure?

Clearly we are not able to mark work in the same way during this time and we are having to rely on students being more self-reliant in marking their own work where they can.

Online activities such as SAM Learning and Seneca Learning are self-marked and give instant feedback to the student.

It is not feasible for the teacher to download, print, mark and then return the work whilst working remotely and so where appropriate, following an online submission, teachers will send a mark scheme back to the students for them to mark their own work.

Where the work needs to be assessed by the teacher, the submitted work will be read by the teacher and feedback given via Satchel on how well it has been completed, what needs correcting and model answers where appropriate. We recommend that the students make a note of these comments on their work so that they can see how well they have done.