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The Pastoral Team

“The school knows and understands the needs of individual students and their families extremely well.” (Ofsted)

The Wavell School prides itself on being a caring community and has a highly experienced, competent and effective pastoral team.

When students join The Wavell, they are placed in a Tutor Group with a Form Tutor who will usually remain with them during their time at the School.  Tutor Groups are organised along mixed-ability lines and every effort is made to take account of friendship groups and advice from the Junior/Primary Schools in the placing of students.

We recognise the need for each student to be part of a caring Tutor Group where each child is known individually. Tutor Groups meet with their Form Tutor at the start of morning and afternoon sessions for Registration.  Once a week the Form Tutor introduces issues concerning Personal and Social Health Education (PSHE) during a Tutor Period.

FriendsThe team, consisting of the 5 Directors of Students (with  Pastoral Assistants providing support) and their Tutors, works in conjunction with the school’s Pastoral Mentor and Student Support Officer who provide one to one individual support for all issues that students may encounter during their time at the Wavell. 

All students are also welcome at the Drop-in, a weekly session run by the Pastoral Mentor and Student Support Officer providing friendship, help and advice in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

 Deputy Headteacher 


Assistant Headteacher

Pastoral & Learning


Inclusion & Intervention

 Mrs Hogg


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Mrs Smith
Mr Fearn Miss McKie Miss Cossburn Mr Mills
Miss Trodd Mrs Parkin  Miss Woodward Ms Mitchell/ Miss Walsh  Miss Hill/Miss Knowlton





Pastoral Mentor & ELSA


Education Welfare Officer

Parent Support Advisors 

Ms Lee-Webb

Mrs Proctor


Annie Thompson

Linda Parry
Kate Wakeford 



Inclusion Officer



Miss J Cottell

Senior  First Aider

Pastoral Assistant / First Aid

 Mrs J Dallaway

Mrs T Weston