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Teen Triple P Parenting Programme:

Are you bored of arguing with your child/young person?
Are you stuck for a strategy that works?
Do you believe that your child/young person misbehaves just to annoy you?
Do you have lots of questions about the relationship between parents and their
Then Triple P might just help!

New course coming soon...

We support the parents of:

The Wavell

Talavera Infant School

Talavera Junior School

Marlborough Infant School

South Farnborough Infant School

South Farnborough Junior School

St Patrick’s RC Primary School

St Bernadette’s RC Primary School

St Peter’s C of E Junior School

North Farnborough Infant School


Parent Support Advisors

Sometimes things can get tough and parenting can be difficult.


PSAWe are your Parent Support Advisors, offering support, help and guidance for parents and families who may need support in improving their child's school attendance, improving their child's behaviour, workshops, training, parenting courses or simply access to information.


The Parent Support service based at The Wavell School has been in place for the Wavell Cluster for over 13 years. The service while confidential works in partnership with your child’s school. The Parent Support Advisor offers support focusing on the family needs and include, for example:

  • Parental/family concerns
  • School lateness/attendance
  • Behaviour Management
  • Understanding and supporting emotional concerns.
  • Supporting education
  • Transition (moving) through schools
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Parent confidence building
  • Healthy Routines
  • Separated parenting
  • Child/Parent relationship Breakdown

    Please email linda.parry@wavell.hants.sch.uk  or call 01252 785008 if you need any support

    Linda is available to contact both during term time and during the holidays.


Who are we?

My name is Linda Parry, an Army Wife Veteran and the Senior Parent Support Advisor for the Wavell Cluster of Schools in Rushmoor. I have been in place supporting parents of The Wavell Cluster of Schools for over 12 years. I have a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies, am trained to offer Triple P both Primary and Teen, Family Links Parenting Puzzle, trained to understand the workings of therapies such as CBT, systemic family practice and hold a Level 3 Counselling (CPCAB) qualification, Level 4 Diploma Life Coaching (CPCAB). I am given time to train and adapt to stay informed and offer best practice to support families in Rushmoor aware that families and expectations on family lives change.

My name is Kate Wakeford and I am a Parent Support Advisor for the Wavell Cluster of Schools in Rushmoor. I have a background of working and supporting families in Children’s Centres over the last 10 years. I am trained in the, Family Links Parenting Puzzle Primary and Teen and Henry (Healthy Eating and Nutrition for the Young). I have been trained to support all workshops delivered and to support families in finding where their strengths are and working on finding solutions to areas that need further support.

What do we do?

The Parent Support Team offer early intervention for families looking for support and advice around parenting strategies, behaviour management, debt, family relationships such as separation and/or deployment. Also issues around education such as attendance, lateness, and supporting good mental health.

We also run parenting courses such as Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) both Primary and Teen, Family Links Parenting Puzzle and Henry (Healthy Eating and Nutrition for the Young). We have also written and deliver various workshops, such as:

  • 4 week positive parenting programme supporting all families and children;
  • Supporting and understanding emotions – Anxiety
  • Supporting and understanding emotions – Anger
  • Friendships and problem solving
  • Primary Top Ten Tips and Teen Parenting in the 21st century

How do we do it?

Every day is a new day, a new challenge, and we have to be flexible to meet family needs. During the recent lockdown we have offered telephone and video support. One to one support in our new office which offers safe distancing and group workshops are running and managed to keep all safe,

We also have a close relationship and partnership working with AWS, HIVE, CAB, DV Forum and other agencies in the area.

Parents can be referred or self-refer:

Email linda.parry@wavell.hants.sch.uk Tel: 01252 785008

Email kate.wakeford@wavell.hants.sch.uk Tel: 01252 785008

Wavell Secondary School, Lynchford Road, Farnborough GU14 6BH

When might you need to contact your Parent Support Advisor?

“I have a question about parenting”

“I need help getting my children to school on time”

“I am worried about parents evening”

“My child’s behaviour is getting out of hand”

“I’m worried my child is being bullied”

“I’m worried about my child’s emotional behaviour”

“I’m struggling since my partner left, what can I do?”

“I’m not sure how to talk to my child/ren”

“I would like someone to talk to”


Feedback from parents...

Great programme, everyone should take it if possible. Thank you! 

I can whole heartedly provide positive comments with no hesitation. Our home has become calmer and a more positive environment to be in. The children have clear boundaries, we have strategies and both the children responded to them amazingly! A massive thank you Linda.

This has been an invaluable programme for us.

A very helpful service and really did make a huge difference.

Amazing experience and I am more confident in applying strategies given/provided.

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