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Illness during Covid - should I send my child to school?

Should my child go to school today?

Advice from the NHS regarding illness and attending school. arrow

Absence Procedure

If your child is unwell we ask that you phone the school on
01252 341256 or email as soon as possible on the first day of absence, and every day of absence until their return. 

This should be followed by a note explaining the reasons for the absence on the student’s return to school.  

If your child has an unavoidable medical appointment during School hours please email or write a short note with details.


The following form must be completed for all other planned absences:
PDF icon Application for Leave in Exceptional Circumstances

(Please complete, save and return via email)

If your child fails to attend School regularly you may be issued with a penalty notice and fine.

        PDF icon Information on Penalty Notices




“Attendance is good” (Ofsted)

The Wavell School expects all students to attend daily. Student learning and progress is adversely affected by absence and therefore we follow up any non-attendance.  Studies suggest that students whose attendance is below 90% achieve results that are a grade or more lower than students of equal ability with good attendance records.

Where it is a prolonged period of absence due to ill health or injury, we will liaise closely with parents to provide an appropriate amount of work for each individual to help them not to fall too far behind. We also work closely with the Education Inclusions Service to support students whose absence for medical reasons is sustained over some time.


PDF icon School Attendance - A Simple Guide as to why it is important your child attends school and how you can support your child


Headteachers are no longer able to authorise holiday requests. If your child has unauthorised absence you may be issued with a penalty notice and fine.

        PDF icon Information on Penalty Notices


In cases of exceptional circumstances leave may be applied for by emailing the form below to the School at least a week beforehand in order for us to assess the impact on their learning. (please save the form after completing before attaching to an email)

PDF icon Application for Leave in Exceptional Circumstances

If you are unable to email the form please print off a copy and return to the School FAO Heateacher's PA