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Uniform Supplier

The Wavell School’s sole supplier for uniform (including PE kit) is:

130 Frimley Road
GU15 2QN

Telephone 01276 469697

Uniform can be:

  • Purchased direct from Brenda’s

Brenda’s can also provide

  • An online ordering service, parents may order School Uniform via Brenda’s website.
  • A home delivery service for Year 6 students prior to entry.
  • An Instalment Plan - we recognise that purchasing a new uniform is expensive, and our supplier has agreed to enable payment by instalments before collection. Parents wishing to use this service should visit the shop.

Uniform Grants are no longer available however the School may be able to help in cases of extreme hardship.

Wavell Second Hand Uniform

We have a Facebook Group for parents to buy, sell and swap their unwanted Wavell Uniform and equipment.

Wavell Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group


PE Uniform

Details of the PE Uniform can be found here...

PE Uniform


Equipment List

Every student is expected to bring the following basic equipment to School each day:

  • 2 Pens, 2 Pencils, Ruler, Eraser, Sharpener and Pritt-type glue stick(minimum)- kept in a clear pencil case (clear pencil cases are needed for GCSE exam conditions) 
  • Coloured pens/highlighters are highly recommended – to help revision notes
  • A scientific calculator
  • Whiteboard pack

The following items can be purchased from the School Bank (Cash or Cheque payment only)

Pencil case containing equipment £2.50

Scientific Calculator £8.25

White Board Pack £3.40

Individual items:

White Board £2.50

Pen £0.40

Eraser £0.30

Zippa Bag £0.20

Uniform & Equipment

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at school in non-uniform clothing may expect to be sent home to change or be put in isolation. Students are expected to wear FULL School Uniform to and from School. 

  • Navy blue sweatshirt with Wavell shield.
  • White polo shirt with Wavell shield.
  • Black trousers with Wavell shield.
  • Black box pleat skirt with Wavell shield- length close to knee – Brenda’s will guide individuals on the length of the skirt and will not sell a skirt if they deem it too short.

All students are expected to wear plain black leather low heeled shoes (not backless/canvas/boots/ trainers) with plain black, grey or white socks/ plain black, grey or neutral tights. If socks are worn on top of tights, the socks are to be the same colour as the tights, i.e., black, grey or neutral.

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name using a laundry pen or sew-on/iron-on labels

Our uniform policy aims to achieve the following:

A sense of pride, community and belonging.

A feeling that students are all equal to their peers.

Support positive Behaviour for Learning.

Prepare students for Dress Codes in the World of Work.

Protect students from social pressures to dress in a particular way.

Support effective Teaching and Learning.


 Further Uniform Rules