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Uniform Rules

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at School in non-uniform clothing should expect to be sent home to change or be put in isolation.

  • Cardigans and hoodies are not to be worn instead of sweatshirts or coats.


  • Skirts should be no shorter than knee length; it is not appropriate for our girls to wear short skirts.
  • Trousers and skirts are to be regulation with Wavell shield.
  • Logo belts are NOT part of the Wavell uniform and must not be worn. Only black leather belts can be worn.
  • The dress code is for black shoes not boots. Trainers are only to be worn for P.E. and students should not have to be asked to change back into shoes at any point during the School Day. Backless and canvas shoes are not safe enough in a school with so many stairs and laboratories. Footwear with designs and trade names are not to be worn.


  • Jewellery is not to be worn apart from one pair of studs (no hoops and only one stud in each ear lobe) and a watch. Bracelets and necklaces should not be worn at any point in school and can be confiscated and logged in the School safe at Reception. Facial, ear cartilage and tongue piercings are not allowed at the Wavell School. One charity bracelet can be worn at a time.
  • Extreme haircuts are not appropriate for school, hair should not be coloured/patterned or in “Steps”/“Dip dyed”/“Tramlines”. Grade 3 haircuts are the shortest accepted at school.
  • We prefer students not to wear make-up; if it is deemed necessary it must be “natural” and staff have the right to request excessive make up is removed including drawn-on eye brows/fake tan and false eye lashes.
  • Coloured nail varnish and acrylic nails must not be worn. Gels and extensions are not safe in school and must be removed.
  • Scarves and pashminas are outdoor clothing and need to be removed on entering the classroom.
  • iPods, MP3 players and Smart Watches are not permitted in School. Although mobile phones are permitted, these must be switched off during the School day. The School reserves the right to confiscate valuables, phones, iPods and MP3 players if they are being used during the School Day.




  • Anyone arriving at School in non-uniform clothing should expect to be sent home to change or be put in isolation.
  • Any jewellery other than a watch and one pair of small studs (one in each ear lobe only)will be confiscated and logged in the School Safe at Reception.
  • Coloured nail varnish and acrylic nails should not be worn and students will be asked to remove them. There may need to be temporary exclusion from practical lessons because of health and safety risks.
  • Science and D & T practical lessons will not go ahead for students without correct footwear.



Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hogg (Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral & Learning) or the Headteacher for any further clarification.