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The Wavell School is committed to issuing regular homework. Parents are asked to encourage their child to spend the recommended length of time on their homework.  Details are available in our homework policies for each year group which can be found under 'Curriculum Information'.  We also expect that all homework represent the students' best efforts.

During this term we are introducing a new system for recording homework, Show My Homework, which will be launched for each year group at their respective Partnership Evening. Once the formal launch has happened, all homework for that year group will be set via Show My Homework. Until then, homework should be recorded clearly in the Student Planner together with the completion date. In addition to homework, students are encouraged to spend 15 minutes every evening on fictional reading as part of our literacy programme.

We request that every weekend parents sit down with their child to review the week's work. Teachers and parents are encouraged to use the Planner as a simple means of communication.