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16th June 2021

 First Aid

14th June 2021

 Home Test Kits

9th June 2021

PDF icon House Summer Sports Events

8th June 2021

 Parent Support Advisor Workshops

28th May 2021

 Extra curricular PE: an update

27th May 2021

 PE Survey by Sheffield Hallam University

PDF icon Survey

24th May 2021

 Equipment Checks

20th May 2021

 Home Test Kits

18th May 2021

 Friends of Wavell Fundraising

13th May 2021

 Face Coverings & Masks

 Friends of Wavell Fundraising

10th May 2021

 The Big Ask

 Whiteboard Reminder

6th May 2021

 The School Canteen - New Deli Items

26th April 2021


23rd April 2021

 New School Year 2021-22

21st April 2021

 Summer Term PE - Extra-Curricular Timetable

 Home Test Kits

20th April 2021

 Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Consultation

31st March 2021

 Summer Term Information

29th March 2021

 Home Test Kits

24th March 2021

 Home Testing for Parents and Carers

15th March 2021

 COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests at Home

PDF iconCovid Self-Test

PDF iconCOVID-19 self-test instructions

12th March 2021

 Uniform reminder

10th March 2021

 Start and Finish Times Confirmation

4th March 2021

 PE and Dance Lessons

1st March 2021

 Lateral Flow Testing for Staff and Students

PDF icon How to do your COVID Test


 It is absolutely crucial that we keep your child safe. Could you please complete and submit the Consent Form in the link sent via Wavellmail  by Wednesday 3rd March, 3pm. Each child needs a separate consent return. 


26th February 2021

 Return to School 

PDF icon Wavellmail 1

23rd February 2021

   8th March 2021

13th January 2021

 Free School Meal Vouchers

12th January 2021

Advice on supporting your child with remote learning

 Advice on supporting your child with remote learning  - Nepali

6th January 2021

 Remote Learning

31 December 2020

 Govt. Change of Plan re. Start of Term - URGENT

29 December 2020

 Start of Term and Testing - URGENT

16 December 2020

 Winter Clothing and Masks

 Canteen Price Increase January 2021

15 December 2020

 COVID Update

10 December 2020

 Urgent -Final Day of the School Term - Thursday 17th December 2020

 Programme for Thursday 17th December 2020 - Final day of Term

08 December 2020

 Health & Safety Inspection - a success

26 November 2020

 Christmas Buffet 15th December 2020

25 November 2020

 Attendance Rate Celebration

18 November 2020

 White Boards

12 November 2020

 Bag Drop Reminder

6 November 2020

 Remembrance Day

5 November 2020

 New National Regulations – Compulsory Face Coverings

4 November 2020

 Thank you

3 November 2020

 School Meal Price Increase

1 November 2020

 Important Information Please Read

23 October 2020

PDF icon COVID Update

 Masks to be worn

21 October 2020

 Keep Hampshire Safe - COVID

PDF icon Flowchart for Sending your child to school

PDF icon Hands Face Space

PDF icon KHS Half Term Safety

16 October 2020


15 October 2020

 Wearing of Face Masks

PDF icon Friends of Wavell Bag Drop

 Changes to how students log in to Satchel (Y8-11)

13 October 2020

 Hands Face, Space

12 October 2020

Chair of Governors' Annual Report

01 October 2020

 Covid Information

28 September 2020

 The rules of self-isolation

25 September 2020

 NHS Test and Trace

16 September 2020


15 September 2020

 Help shape the way we travel in Hampshire

08 September 2020

 First Day Back Celebrations and Reminders

 Relationships and Sex Education

27 August 2020

 Wavell School First Day Arrival Time and Meeting Place

21 July 2020

 Dress Code and Equipment Reminder

 Physical Education from September 2020

20 July 2020

 September re-opening of School - essential reading

PDF iconNew School Day