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Wavell win at SATRO 'Girls in STEM' Day

On Thursday 16th May some of our Year 9 Girls had the opportunity to take part in a SATRO 'Girls in STEM' Day at the Village Hotel. Read Martha's report here...

We spent the morning visiting stalls, each one had a representative from a company focused on Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. We were able to take part in interactive experiments, and the representatives explained what their roles in the companies were and how their work impacted others.

Later, we took part in a challenge against other schools. In groups of six we had to make a catapult using only the items they gave us (paper cups, rulers, pencils and tape). It was really hard – but fun! We weren’t sure our design was going to work, but it did and we managed to win it for The Wavell!

The day was really interesting and fun! To be able to hear the stories of women who had had the odds stacked against them, but persevered to achieve the careers and lives they have now was great. I think we all left feeling inspired, and are extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Martha T Y9