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Wavell Youth Speak Out!

On the 24th January 2017, nine Wavell students competed in the district round of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition in the Council Offices in Farnborough.

Opening the event was our First Intermediate Team (Faheem, Carys and Rebecca), who delivered their engaging presentation ,’Role Models and the Myth of Perfection’ which explored the evolution of role models for young people as they grow and expand their understanding of the world.

Next up was our Second Intermediate Team (Abigail, Bethan and Cadell) who discussed the question ‘Is there anything positive about Positive Discrimination?’ and considered whether or not, given the connotations of discrimination, isolating people due to positive factors was actually helpful in the long run.

The final team of the evening was our Senior Team, made up of Year 11 students (Jude, Geraint and Roshan) who discussed the topical subject of political correctness and whether it has reached the point of the absurd with the apt title ‘I don’t mean to offend but…’

We are delighted to say that out of the 4 prizes on offer, The Wavell School took home 4!


Both our Second Intermediate Team and our Senior Team won the District Round so will be continuing through to the Regional Semi Finals on February 7th - well done!

Two of our main speakers, Carys and Geraint, won the Individual Awards for their respective groups –  huge personal congratulations to them both!

To prepare, learn and present a 10-minute team speech on a topic relevant to young people is no easy feat and deserves huge recognition and admiration.

As first time performers, I would like to personally congratulate Year 9 students, Abigail and Faheem and Year 7 students, Cadell and Rebecca on great presentations.

A huge thank you must also go to Roshan who, with only 3 hours preparation, stepped up to compete in the Senior Team after the original Vote of Thanks could no longer attend.

Well done 'Youth Speakers' – very proud of you all - see you (and hopefully some new members) next year!

Youth Speaks will begin again in September 2017.

Miss Hill

KS3 Co-ordinator