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Wavell World Book Day 2024

The Wavell World Book Day 2024 celebration on 27th March 2024 was a day filled with mystery and intrigue! 

Staff dressed up in the theme of Mystery and Detectives, bringing beloved characters to life from classic detective and mystery novels. In addition, a morning assembly featured a staff "Masked Reader", where staff members disguised their identities behind masks as they read excerpts from mystery novels aloud. Students had a great time guessing who was who on both counts!

One of the highlights of the day was the exclusive "Murder in the Library" event, held in the school's library and open by invitation only. Attendees became amateur sleuths as they worked together to solve a fictional murder mystery, adding an interactive and immersive element to the celebration.

Additionally, there were writing and art competitions held in the lead up to the day, allowing students to showcase their creativity and talent, inspired by this year’s theme. Winners were announced in assembly this morning, with prizes delivered by hand throughout the lesson! 

Year 7

Year 7 Writing Winner

Year 8

Year 8 Writing Winner

Year 9

Year 9 Writing Winner

Year 10

Year 10 Writing Winner

Another exciting aspect of the celebration was the form competition, where students competed in a Mystery and Detective themed quiz, fostering a sense of friendly competition and teamwork. 9Z smashed the competition, getting a whopping 19 out of 20 and receiving a special ‘mystery’ box for their efforts!

On the day, all students were invited to take part in a "Stop and Read" initiative. Students, and staff, immersed themselves in the world of books for 10 minutes during periods 4 and 6; a welcome opportunity to read for pleasure during the day! 

Overall, The Wavell World Book Day celebration was a memorable and engaging event that brought together the school community in celebration of the joys of reading and literature!