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Wavell World Book Day 2021

New Beginnings

This year’s inspiration was The Hill We Climb, Amanda Gorman’s powerful poem that grabbed the world’s attention at the inauguration of Joe Biden.  Its celebration of change and a fresh start struck a chord in a year when so many of us needed to lift our spirits and feel positive about the future.  And so New Beginnings was the theme for our Wavell World Book Day.



We received a fabulous range of entries for our competitions.  In Key Stage 3, our winner of the Short Story Competition is Anna Nolan in Year 9.  She wrote a powerful story starting with this great line:   “I’ll never be the person I was.  I can live, not shrouded with impenetrable clouds of fear.”  And her last line is “I’ve begun anew.” Read all her story here...KS3 Winner - Anna Nolan 

In Key Stage 4 the winning story is told from the point of view of a cat.  It’s a lovely tale about an outsider finding acceptance and a new start in life.  The winner is Libby-Beth Eyre in Year 11.  Here’s the opening: “I didn’t know if I’d ever belong anywhere.  Wherever I went people hissed at me, shouted crude comments, or kicked me.”  You can read the whole story here...

KS4 Winner - Libby Beth Eyre 

The Poetry Competition is a new feature this year.  In Key Stage 4, we have joint runners up – Will Phippen and Millie McNeil.  The winner is Oscar Donaldson with his lovely poem starting “This world is a dark place”.  In Key Stage 3, a great poem from Charlie Crook in year 7 is runner-up, and the winner is Robyn Seke with a beautifully crafted piece called “I have a secret.”  Read all of these here...

KS4 Runner-up - Will Phippen

KS4 Runner-up - Millie McNeil

KS4 Winner - Oscar Donaldson

KS3 Runner-up - Charlie Crook

KS3 Winner - Robyn Seke

Mrs Parkin was thrilled with the entries to the Art Competition – such a range of interesting interpretations of “new beginnings”.  

Here are the winning pictures:

Charlie Crook 7Y (Aqua)

Alice Hughes 8S (Terra)

Achelya Uzun 9Y (Aqua)

Heather Williamson 11V (Mistral)

Sadly there was no fancy dress this year, but to make up for it Wavell staff showed their love of reading in a themed video showing how they are 'Wrapped up in Books'!

We’re looking forward to being in school next year for an even bigger celebration of World Book Day.  Meanwhile, why not check out these inspirational, exciting performance poets:

Luka Lesson, an Australian poet from a Greek background.  His poem Antidote talks about how we use words to describe and change our lives. 

From London, the amazing George the Poet with his inspirational and empowering poem “Impossible”, which is all about believing in yourself and your potential.  Make sure you watch the video closely at the end!

And of course, Amanda Gorman’s The Hill We Climb