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Wavell Vibrates to the sound of

Taiko drumming!

by Kathryn Austin and Adam Lewry Year 10

In December 2017, we had the honour of hosting a Japanese Taiko (drumming) group for two days. They were from Mizuma High School, which is in Fukuoka, southern Japan.

On Monday 18th December, Mizuma kicked off their UK Tour with two spectacular performances in our Rewards Assemblies to the whole school. 

 They then led two workshops throughout the day. The first workshop was for Japanese Club members and drumming students. The second workshop was for GCSE music students. They taught us how to hold and correctly hit the drum. We also learnt a short piece to play.


After school, two Taiko groups from the local area met up with the Japanese group and joined together in a workshop and jamming session. It was great to meet up with Luke Jones & Oku Nojo Daiko from Aldershot and Mark Alcock & Potters Gate Primary School from Farnham.


On the Tuesday a few of the Wavell Japanese Club and GCSE music students left the school grounds to act as roadies and general assistants to the Mizuma High School drumming group as we visited Alan-James Horner, Music Technology Course Leader, and students at Farnborough College of Technology (FCoT).

After unpacking all of the Taiko equipment the Mizuma High School Taiko band performed the same piece four times that made the ground shake while others from The Wavell School were having a small tour of the amazing facilities where everything was filmed and recorded for sound and vision. The video shoot is currently being edited and we look forward to seeing the finished clip.

To coincide with lunchtime for the FCoT students everyone helped to move the equipment to their own Japanese courtyard where Mizuma really drummed up a crowd, many came to hear an outstanding performance by the Japanese visitors and were definitely not disappointed.


After having an amazing late lunch provided by FCoT, the time came to escort Mizuma High School Taiko drumming group and all their equipment back to the hotel, we said our goodbyes and were on our way back to Wavell School with many memories we will not forget.

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