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The Wavell School

UKMT Junior Maths Challenge 2022

On Wednesday 27th April, the Mathematics students in the top two sets in Years 7 & 8 participated in the UK Junior Maths Challenge. The Challenge is organised by U.K. Mathematics Trust and was taken by more than 250,000 students from over 3000 schools across the country. The aim of the challenges is to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

We are very proud of our Year 7 and 8 students who received 4 Gold, 7 Silver and 31 Bronze Awards in total!

Year 7

Gold Award: Hillary Williamson (who was also Best in Year)
Silver Award: Marwah Naqshbandi
Bronze Award: Finlay Jamieson, Hollie Slingerland, Jasper Lowle, Lucy Pullan, Matthew Wilkinson, Charlie Wood, Jonathan Flowerdew, Dharvi Jain, Cyna Rai, Ailish Abbs, Rhea Pant, Louis Wigmore, Lewis Brereton, Lucas James, Abigail Lawes, Oviya Sureshbabu, Gabriel Crawford, Jasmine Gao

Year 8

Gold Award: Ernie Ervin, George Gilfoyle, Oscar Harding (Ernie was also Best in School)
Silver Award: Alfie Quinton, Grace Allan, Lauren Vann, Logan Crane, Ben Mounfield, Harry Pattison
Bronze Award: Grace Godfrey, Greeshma Bhati, Ben Court, Grace Davis, Sam Newton, Freddy Gibson, Tommy Gosden, Kanishka Selvakumar, Allie Kells, Tilly Coppock, Leon Earles, Emily Stevens, Alice Styche