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UK Maths Challenges 2020

The aim of these challenges is to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.


The UK Intermediate Maths Challenge Results

On Thursday 6th February, the Mathematics students the top two sets in Years 9 & 10 participated in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge. The Challenge is organised by U.K. Mathematics Trust and was taken by more than 250,000 students from over 3000 schools across the country. 

Year 10

Gold Award: Sudarshan Gurung - Best in Year and Best in School, qualified for and participated in the European Pink Kangaroo on 19th March – awaiting results as the papers are in quarantine at the University of Leeds; Ciaran Johnson

Silver Award: Katie Booth, Ben Cookson, Pratap Sunuwar, Dylan Thomas, Daniel Timms

Bronze Award: Aidan Kearsey, Joseph Page, Ellis Plumridge-Baker, Jasmin Simpson, Joe Sparkes, Abhinav Suri, Hayley Waterlow, Rebecca Watts

Year 9

Silver Award: Louis Davidson, Don Quan  (Louis was also Best in Year)

Bronze Award: Jacob Connibeer, Nathaniel Dance, Nicholas Jory, Ruby Laverick, Turner Noad, Ujjal Thapa, Erin Winton, Emma Wraight


Regional Final of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge

 Please see the previous news story written by Louis Davidson:



The Junior Maths Challenge Results

On Wednesday 1st July, the Mathematics students in the top sets in both Years 7 & 8 p and q bands participated in the UK Junior Maths Challenge which was held online for the first time. Alas there are no follow-up rounds for JMC in 2020.

Year 8

Gold AwardLuka Pattinson (& Best in Year)

Silver Award: Thomas Abbs, Daniel Booth, Sam Kearsey, Evie MacDonald, Ben Masters, Oliver Matthews, Sidney Robson, Chloe Waterlow

Bronze Award: Fatima Abubukr, Ethan Briens, Isobel Chesney, Lucas Dettmar, Grace Dobinson, Brooke Hewlett, Rishn Jetik, Natalie Ng, An Quan, Saharra Rahman-Clarke, Dan Robinson, Dylan Saunders, Alicia Seke, Daisy Thomas, Maria Warwick, Harriet Williamson, Jasmine Woodward

Year 7

Gold Award: Matthew Norris, Angela Rai, Isla Vann (Angela was also Best in Year & Best in School)

Silver Award: Oscar Burton, Rupert Oliver, Amelie Punter, Hannah Ruthven, Rajan Upil

Bronze Award: Max Brogan, Adrian Dinkov, Aabha Jadhav, Kasey Jones, Erin O’Connor, Benjamin Payne, Toby Phippen, Noah Robinson, Connor Wall