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The Mathemagicians win yet again!

Thank you to all who attended this term's Quiz Night. We had 18 teams competing and raised a fantastic total of £536 for the Mini Bus. The Mathemagicians were once again crowned champions. 

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The Friends of Wavell Quiz Night is a popular event that takes place every term in the Main Hall and raises money for the school minibuses. The latest Quiz was held on Friday 3rd March 2017. As an example, here are the action-packed rounds that took place: Picture Round; Feely Bags; Celebrity Gossip; Food & Drink; Music; Random Sports & Games; Local News; It Happened in February. There was also a break when we took part in Heads or Tails and Money Tree. Helpful hint: always bring extra cash on the night for further fun ways to contribute to keeping our minibuses on the road.

A spokesperson from the winning team, The Mathemagicians, released the following statement:

Yes, we won again for the nth time in a row. It has been said that we are a one-person team but let us be clear for the record that this is absolutely not true. It states very clear in the rules that teams must consist of between 4 and 6 players. This is proof that Mr. Lewis could not win the quiz on his own. In fact, every member of the team plays an important role. After the correct answer is proposed we chip in with constructive, validating comments such as “I agree” and “That’s what I was about to say.” Most importantly, he needs the rest of the Maths Department to talk him out of a few answers to make the scores in some way respectable. If you want to break the sequence then try a different angle, don’t be square, go and round up a team yourselves.

Come back again and join us next term for more fun and a chance to knock them of the top!! The next Friends of Wavell Quiz Night is taking place on Friday 14th July 2017 – save the date.

 Entry forms available soon…