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The Wavell School

Summer School 2021

During the week commencing 23rd August 2021 we were delighted to welcome many of our new Year 7 students for a week-long Summer School which was funded by the Government.  The children made an excellent first impression on us and throughout the week they fully embraced the opportunity to meet new people and try new things with a sense of fun and enthusiasm.  There was a real buzz around the school and it was lovely to see the children so engaged. 

During the week the children experienced a diverse range of academic and enrichment activities within a large number of curriculum areas. They cooked delicious paella, designed and made a clock, completed fieldwork tasks around the school site, produced some wonderful descriptive writing, had a golf lesson, took part in an incredible Science and Bubble Show, tried their hand at a variety of circus skills, and much more! 

Summer School 21


 Art and Design & Technology Work

A huge thank you to our dedicated Wavell staff, who not only gave up part of their own summer holiday but also put in a considerable amount of time and effort into planning and running sessions in order to make the Summer School such a success.

 Funding Received

      £   50,057


      £   32,169


      £        650


      £     2,185

 Unrecoverable costs

      £   10,448

 Site Running Costs

      £     4,605

      £   50,057