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STEM Day 2022

On Thursday 26th May 2022, a Team of Year 9 students represented The Wavell at the annual STEM Day for girls hosted by SATRO and Fluor at the Village Hotel in Farnborough.

Read Aabha Jadhav’s report of the day,

At the Village Hotel, we started STEM DAY with an introduction. There were also five other schools which added an element of competition to our next event.

The Fluor Challenge required us to build a bridge out of paper that then was tested with a ping-pong ball to measure how long it can keep moving. Despite the challenge being quite enjoyable, it was also a bit complex. However, one of our team came third!

Exhibits were followed after break: they showed what different types of STEM do. Pizza was served for lunch, which proved to be just as appetising as elegantly it was presented. Networking came after, where we had a chance to speak to various influential women working in STEM. The Keynote speaker gave us an idea about how workers in STEM travel around the world for their job.

At last, the day ended with goodie bags (containing a book) given to us as a reminder of how women are crucial in STEM.

STEM Day for Girls

A selection of photographs taken during the STEM Day at The Village Hotel on 26th May 2022

 They were all true Wavell Ambassadors and were left inspired by the experience. One parent told us,

‘My daughter attended the Stem event yesterday and she really enjoyed it…..she has never been interested in STEM subjects but she seems to be more excited about them. Thank you very much for the great opportunity.’


Thank you to SATRO and Fluor for a wonderful day.