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The Wavell School

Rushmoor & Hart Coding Challenge 2018

Students from local schools were given a month to create a piece of software, using the programming language Python, to help school students with their studies.

‘The Wavell A Team’ consisting of Year 9 students Ffion, Max, Louie and Kacper, with Aidan as assistant, were awarded 2nd place in the competition following their presentation at Farnborough 6th Form on 13th December on the ideas behind their software and how it worked.

Their Project, entitled ‘Project Pearl’, was a Python Program designed and created with the intention to help students in Years 3-4 with their Maths. The aim of the game was to hit the correct numbered aliens in order to reach the target number.


All of the team did different things to contribute to the final result. Some did code and some did recalling information and all came together to do the presentation.


The students gave up a lot of their lunchtimes and did even more work at home! Their hard work certainly paid off- Well done to ‘The Wavell A Team’!