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Prize Giving 2023

Our Annual Prize Giving took place on Thursday 13th July 2023 where we congratulated our students for their outstanding achievements in all subjects and gave a platform to those with the most wonderful musical talents. A full list of performers and Prize Winners can be found in the Programme here...

Prize Giving Programme 2023

Prize Giving was a very special occasion this year as this was our Headteacher, Amanda Rowley's last Prize Giving before her retirement at the end of this academic year. Instead of a former Wavell Student returning to be our Guest Speaker, this year we asked Ms Rowley to talk to the audience about why she had joined the wonderful profession of teaching 40 years ago; what she had learnt along the way; the legacy of her 18 years of headship and finally her plans for retirement ie. Life without Work!

One of the highlights this year was the presenting of a new Annual Memorial Award:

“The Amanda Rowley Award for following The Wavell Way”

I wanted the school to every year recognise those wonderful Wavell students who everyday show kindness, respect, generosity and positivity. “The Wavell Way” is a term we use here at the Wavell meaning our code of conduct, our attitude to life, our way of being. When Ofsted visit us they feed back to us that the children talk to them about “The Wavell Way” when asked what is acceptable or not at the school. I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the children who very quietly, without a high profile and with no fuss, simply follow the Wavell Way in all that they do. They embody our values, role model our kindness and serve to lead without a badge of glory. The staff nominated many, as you can imagine!

This year for the first time of presenting, I was  delighted to announce the recipient as someone who definitely serves to lead, is always helping others, is kind, conscientious, hardworking. Volunteers to help with anything, accepts requests to help with a smile and positivity. The student who embodies “The Wavell Way” for July 2023 is Emily Barnard


Amanda Rowley

 Congratulations to all of our Prize Winners!

Prize Giving 2023

13th July 2023