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The Wavell School

PSHE Virtual Citizenship Award - Green Badge

All students are currently working towards earning their Virtual Wavell Citizenship Award during their PSHE lessons. 

They are awarded a virtual badge on Satchel One for every task completed.

  • Complete three badges for the Bronze Award Certificate
  • Complete four badges for the Silver Award Certificate
  • Complete five badges for the Gold Award Certificate

The students who show an outstanding contribution during the Virtual Wavell Citizenship Award will win a voucher!

Week 1: Green Badge

Green badges have been awarded for completing a task inspired by the environment, conservation or nature. Some examples of how students completed this task are shown below. Students wrote poems, short stories, created powerpoints, took photographs of nature and the countryside around them and produced pieces of art and craft...

Save the Planet - a poem by Grace Davis Y7

A Green Poem by Mackenzie Foyle Y8

A Green Memory by Natalie Ng Y9

A Poem by Lily Butler Y10


 ...and even a video animation!

Fantastic work by all!