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On Top of the World

On the 22nd August 2019, when some students were receiving their GCSE results, Lily and Ruby Laverick (Yr9 & 11) were sat on top of the highest peak in Africa.

They'd already spent 6 days walking to get to base camp, camping in tents on the route, not to mention dealing with incredibly basic toilet facilities. After leaving base camp at midnight, Lily and Ruby hiked at high altitude through the dark and the coldest hours of the day for nearly 7 1/2 hours to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro - standing at 5,895m (19,341ft)

They pushed their bodies harder than they had ever pushed them before, coping with 50% less oxygen in the air than there is at sea level. Through grit and determination they summitted, with the rest of the group, at 07:45 on 22nd August 2019. They were the only children amongst a group of 10 adults who were all blown away by their achievements at such a young age. 

They are a credit to the school and we are very proud of both of them.