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Maths Challenge Results 2019

The aim of the Challenges is to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.


The UK Intermediate Maths Challenge

On Thursday 7th February, the Mathematics students the top two sets in Years 9 & 10 participated in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge. The Challenge is organised by U.K. Mathematics Trust and was taken by more than 250,000 students from over 3000 schools across the country.

Year 10

Gold Award: Toby Tomkins - Best in Year and Best in School, qualified for the European Pink Kangaroo on 21st March receiving a Merit Certificate for being in the top 25%

In recognition of his high scores Toby has been invited to attend one of this year’s UKMT National Mathematics Summer Schools. Fantastic news. Well done Toby.

Silver Award: Michael Connibeer, Caitlin Pople, Max Young

Bronze Award: Aybuke Bahar, Euan Davies, Oliver Dunn, Alfie Ervin, Ephraim Ebot, Holly Graham, Olivia Hale, Rohan Patel, Lily Roberts, Kalen Suzuki-Seago

Year 9

Silver Award: Katie Booth, William Phippen

Katie was also Best in Year and and qualified to take part in the European Grey Kangaroo on 21st March for which she received a Certificate of Qualification

Bronze Award: Hannah Coppock, Olivia Dettmar, Oscar Donaldson, Jasper Hewitt, Ciaran Johnson, Diya KC, Ellis Plumridge-Baker, Pratap Sunawar, Charlotte Wallis, Heather Williamson


Regional Final of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge

A report on the day written by Heather Williamson starts…

On Thursday 28th March, we went to the Team Maths Challenge Regional Finals at Lord Wandsworth. Our team of four had a really good day…

For more please see the previous news story published on the school website:



The Junior Maths Challenge

On Tuesday 30th April, the Mathematics students in the top sets in both Years 7 & 8 p and q bands participated in the UK Junior Maths Challenge.

Year 8

Gold Award: Don Quan  (Don was also Best in Year)

Silver Award: Jacob Connibeer, Louis Davidson, Clara Goddard, Imogen Hammond, Turner Noad, Archie Smith, Viktoria Weight, Emma Wraight

Bronze Award: Hollie Campbell, Duncan Cheung, Sophia Craig, Nathaniel Dance, Ruairi Gifford, Ruby Laverick, Tobin Mitchell, Ruby Stew, Ujjal Thapa, Samuel Watson, Oscar Wotton

Year 7

Gold Award: Daniel Booth, Grace Dobinson (Daniel was also Best in Year & Best in School)

Silver Award: Thomas Abbs, Coryn Godfrey, Rishn Jetik, Anna Nolan, Lucas Paver, Alicia Seke, Harriet Williamson

Bronze Award: Lila Allen, Jenna Brocklehurst, Sam Kearsey, Ben Masters,           Aidan Moss, Natalie Ng, Sidney Robson, Dan Robinson, Evie Travers, Maria Warwick, Chloe Waterlow