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'Macbeth' takes Guildford by Storm

The Wavell cast of 'Macbeth' performed to a packed house at the Electric Theatre in Guildford on Friday 15th Nov 2013. With atmospheric music and lighting, the cast performed a 30 minute version of the Bard's play in the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

The cast of Year 8 – 11 students worked hard to create a very atmospheric representation of ‘Macbeth’. The witches, in stunning make-up, controlled the play with an eerie, ever present influence, right down to the very last gesture of the performance.

The audience clearly enjoyed what they saw, with rave reviews from other schools as well as the professionals attached to the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

A special mention should go to the Student Company Manager, Anna Watson for her hard work during rehearsals.


Macbeth Cast:-

DUNCAN, King of Scotland -  Kirsty McKinlay
MALCOLM - Callum Jones
DONALBAIN – Georgyana Mckeand-Halliday
MACBETH – Finn Thornton
LADY MACBETH –  Ella Stokes
BANQUO - Kathryn Hayward
FLEANCE, Son to Banquo – Reece Watson
MACDUFF –  Isabella Bertolini
LENNOX  - Connell Anderson
ROSS -  Anna Watson
SIWARD, General of the English Forces -  Cameron Ewing
MURDERER –Geraint Hoggan,
SERVANTS – Rosa Bailey, Martha Hamlin
WITCHES – Chloe Twigg, Abi Mansfield, Sophie Collinson, Rebecca Hodges, Louanne Chappell, Katie Stoker, Ellie Keon, Lauren Hodges.