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Languages Newsletter December 2018

Year 7

This half-term our Year 7s have been learning French vocabulary to describe themselves and their family. The students have been very creative with their homework and we also had fun in class using wigs and sunglasses!

Recently, we’ve been learning to describe someone’s appearance in French. So far we can identify hair style, colour, length and eye colour. To help us, we had some fun putting on wigs and glasses with eyes on them! I enjoy learning this way because it’s both fun and educational!

Our 3D animal homework was probably one of my favourite homework set ! It gave us all a chance to show our creativity and understanding of the vocabulary. This helped me remembering the words.

Jasmine W

The wigs and sunglasses were a great way for us to have fun whilst learning the vocabulary about describing people !

The 3D animal project allowed us to be creative and put our French knowledge to use.

The whole class enjoyed both activities!

Natalie N

 Year 7 Family Trees & 'Wanted' Posters...


Year 8

This half term Miss Jumeaux's French Year 8 class has been learning how to form the past tense. To demonstrate their understanding, they have produced lovely comic strips all in French!

Onatti Theatre

Our Year 9, 10 and 11 students all had a great time whilst practising their listening skills!



The French play will be on Monday 28th January and the German play on Thursday 14th February. Remember to bring £4 to your language teacher!




German Celebration

Congratulations to Sam McNeill (11U) for reaching level 50 on the German Nutty Tilez on This is Language. An excellent achievement! Well done Sam! 

6th December is a very exciting day in the build up to Christmas for German children as it’s Sankt Nikolaustag. Mrs Evans and Miss Cossburn enjoyed sharing these traditions with their German classes, which included singing a traditional song “last uns froh und munter sein”. Did you know…?

  • German children put their boots/shoes out on the night of the 5th in the hope of getting some sweet treats from Sankt Niklaus if they’ve been good
  • If they have been naughty they may receive a bunch of twigs from Knecht Ruprecht
  • Niklaus is also the Patron Saint of Sailors