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The Wavell School

Japanese Shoei School Summer Exchange

by Adam Lewry Yr11

On the first week of the Summer Holidays 10 Wavell students went to The University of Winchester to meet with students from Shoei High School who had come all the way from Tokyo Japan. The trip was on from Tuesday the 24th July until Friday the 27th July.

On The first day of the exchange the Wavell students were introduced to the Shoei students and were then split into groups to introduce themselves and get to know each other. Later both the Shoei and the Wavell students walked from the University of Winchester to the Winchester Cathedral to have a look around inside.

In the morning of the second day we went on to discuss about Common British foods in class ending the day with the most British of foods… scones.


On the third day of the Summer Exchange the Wavell students used a James Bond theme to liven up their entrance! We then left to visit the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios for the afternoon. At the Harry Potter Studios all students were stunned and mystified by the Studio and all of its contents. Although people were sad to leave, everyone was satisfied with the multitude of pictures and videos they got and as the Wavell students headed home on the School Minibus they started to devise another surprise that would be truly unforgettable.

On the fourth and final day of the Shoei exchange the Wavell students put their plan into motion appearing in the morning in their normal clothing just as they had every other day, but, at midday the Wavell students sprang into action taking their clothes from across the ages that they had been hiding in their bags all morning, swiftly changing into their respective time era’s clothing and preparing the classroom for their fashion show. When the Shoei students entered the room the Wavell students explained what they were wearing and what time period the style of clothing was from ending with the traditional modern day man.

After lunch all the students went back to the classroom ready to say their goodbyes but not before the Shoei students astonished the Wavell students with gift bags, banners and an absolutely stunning choir performance.

By the end of the Shoei Summer Exchange some of the students were practically in tears, some of the students were exchanging social media contacts and everyone was sad that the Summer Exchange had to end.