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Harry Potter Studios Tour

On Tuesday 2nd May and Thursday 4th May 2023 the D&T Faculty took 65 Year 10 students who are studying Graphics, Textiles, Timbers and Systems, to the Harry Potter Studios Tour at Leavesden Studios in Watford. 

The Textiles Students took part in an exciting 'Costume Distressing' workshop and while the Timbers and Graphics students enjoyed a 'Set Design for Film' workshop. They learnt about some of the costumes and sets made as part of the Harry Potter films and gained valuable insight in to the wealth of careers and industries in film that relate to their D&T studies.

The Systems students were very enthusiastic about the array of animatronics used in the film and how they were programmed - from the model of the Whomping Willow to the astonishingly life-like animatronic head of Hagrid!


During the tour all of the students got to see an amazing range of set models, props, film graphics, costumes, wigs and full-scale film sets. The trips were very successful and students enjoyed their day at the studios!