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Girls into STEM

Written by Ellen Davies and Carys Hoggan

For the last three years, girls from a few Hampshire schools have visited the Village Hotel in Farnborough for the day to learn more about women in STEM. This year on 14th June 2018, it was no different.

On arrival, we received official lanyards and were talked through what the day would include; challenges, talks, quizzes, etc…

First, we were put into groups and went round a rage of STEM-themed stalls. There was everything from submarines to microbiology, radiology to renewable energy. It was really interesting to see how many career choices require Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths.

Then, it was time for a hands-on challenge! Our task was to design and make a vehicle to transport a roll of tape. We had limited supplies and thirty-minute time limit. The challenge tested our cognitive and teamwork skills as the vehicle had to be made from scratch with the help of a team. All the teams ended up powering their vehicles with a balloon or two as there were no electrical motors available to us.

After lunch, we were all sorted back into our tables to do an activity “People Like Me”. This was a great chance to see where, perhaps unknowingly, your skills lay. All you had to do was fill in what adjectives on a sheet described you best, then add up your points! This was an amazing opportunity to look at your skills, and then apply them to a possible future career in STEM.

Susie Imber was our guest speaker for the afternoon. A few years ago, she went on the reality TV show “Astronauts- have you got what it takes?”. This, as she described, was the “science version of the Great British Bake Off”. She shared with us everything she learnt from such an amazing opportunity, and where her work at NASA and The ESA had taken her. Susie was an inspirational speaker, and is a true role model for all females wanting to go into STEM.

Overall, it was a great day. We would like to thank Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Jones for taking us and the Village Hotel for being so hospitable.