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Gardening Club Update!

The interest in Gardening Club has grown and grown (literally) amongst the KS3 students and adults. We have a lovely team who plant, weed and water each week as well as filling the bird feeders for the lovely blue tits and robins who visit our garden.

Thanks to the generosity of the Farnborough Airport Community Fund Grant the garden is continuing to develop and now include raised railway sleeper beds of bulbs, wild flowers for the bees and thorn-less raspberries. We intend to develop this further over the summer by installing trellis to the back to grow a range of climbing plants in the autumn term.

The Fund will also enable us to lay a patio for seating, plant a living wall, purchase wind chimes, table tennis tables and a lawn mower in addition to a host of equipment to help us grow more flowers and vegetables.

We also have two wonderful handmade planters made by a parent from pallets that were going to be thrown away, where we have grown carrots, beetroots, peppers and tomatoes. We certainly have some lovely beetroot and some very interesting shaped carrots as you can see!

Students were able to dig up their hard-earned produce to take home and cook. We have also grown strawberries and rhubarb.

The team have used old tyres to produce beds for a eucalyptus, lavatera and herb plants as well as our hanging wall where we planted seeds.

The students love the experience of seeing things grow from seed and small plug plants and we look forward to the new year, when we will be developing the patio area and making garden mobiles and wind chimes.

Happy gardening through the summer and have a lovely break, from the Gardening Club and Mrs Woodhams