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The Wavell School

Eco-Land Project 2019

Two groups of Year 7 students were chosen to take part in the annual Eco-Land Project. After weeks of hard work, they presented their ideas to a panel of judges in the Final at Farnborough Sixth Form College on 13th March 2019.

Both teams were fantastic and their presentations were truly professional. The Bags For Life– Isobel, Coryn, Evie, Imogen and Grace finished 3rd overall while The Elements – Rishn, Anna, Alicia, Harriet and Dela finished 2nd.  Well done to the winning team from Cove who wowed judges and audience with their impressive roller coaster simulation. It was a close call and none of us would have liked to have been in the judges' position.


Our task was to create an eco-friendly themed world for Thorpe Park. This meant we had to decide which renewable energy sources we were going to use and what building materials we would use that wouldn’t affect the environment and what rides we would want. We had to do this task independently with no help from any adults. Thankfully, we have learnt about energy sources in science, materials in technology and our knowledge from ICT helped us bring it all together. It was really nerve-wrecking but we are all happy that completed it and did so well.


“They were a real credit to the school and the quality of their work and presentation was outstanding well done!” – Miss Cossburn