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Easter Egg Hunt 2024

On the last day of the Spring Term, the energetic Year 8s (along with some very enthusiastic teachers) took part in an Easter Egg Hunt. The clock started ticking to see which team could complete the Easter themed worksheets and collect the stickers the fastest. Whilst that was happening, the teacher Heads of House started walking, jogging or even running around the school with special stickers, despite the heavy rain! The hunt was on to find them and the related symbols. 13 Year 10 helpers were placed at House tables around the hall, handing out their house stickers, ensuring that the students had correctly completed their worksheets first.

When time was up, and just as the rain was slowing, Miss Cossburn (Head of Houses) and Mr Campbell (Head of Terra and Event Organiser) awarded the prizes to the best team in each House as well as announcing the overall House winners. All students received small treats of chocolate for their participation! It was a fabulous event and the Year 8s took on the challenge magnificently showing real determination especially with the super tricky dingbats round. Well done to you all and congratulations to the lucky winners!

A huge thank you to the Year 10 helpers all for your support as well as to Miss Hill, Miss Stacey, Miss Harris, Mrs Phillips, Miss Mitchell, Mr Fearn and all other staff that came and lent a hand. The biggest thank you goes to Mr Campbell for organising the whole event.


1st – Terra 0

2nd – Terra 9

3rd – Terra 6

4th– Ignis 5



1st – Terra (Team 0)

2nd – Ignis (Team 5)

3rd – Aqua (Team 2)

4th – Mistral (Team 2)