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The Wavell School

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition 2019

The weekend of 15th-16th June 2019 saw the culmination of a year’s planning and training for our Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh students. They completed their final assessed expedition during which they independently navigated and camped out in the Surrey Hills.

Starting in two locations near Bramley, the students walked at least 25km over the 2 days (more if they got lost!).

Even though the weather was a bit on the wet side, morale was very good and they all successfully made it to the camp site in the beautiful nature reserve at Sayers Croft near Cranleigh.


Why are there so many hills?!...  I think the clue is in the title  THE SURREY HILLS!! Remember what you go down today, you’re going to have to climb back up tomorrow!

The students were amazing in the morning and the camp was clear by 8am before they headed off to their finishing point at Farley Green.


We are very proud of them for walking so far in the rain with no complaints. They worked well in their teams on both days and left no person behind. All in all it was a very successful weekend with both assessors commenting on how polite the students were.

King Blunden and Queen Kinch would like to thank Empress Cossburn, Lord Watts, Princess Millar, Jester Denton, Lady Parkin, Miss Mitchell and Miss Woodward for their help and support during the weekend! (Nicknames given to us by the students!)