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The Wavell School

Creative Forces Trip

On Tuesday 4th June. 8 Wavell students from a military background had the opportunity to experience a University environment, travelling to Winchester University for the day.

Student Ambassadors gave the students a tour of the campus, students got a real flavour of what University life would be like, viewing the many facilities on offer and as the Student Ambassadors were with the students all day, they were able to ask them many questions on University life. Wavell students participated in two fun interactive workshops. The Graphic Designer in the Doodle workshop gave an interesting talk on being able to put ideas in your head onto paper, getting the students creating  some inventive caricatures of bears and Donald Trump.


The other workshop gave the students an insight into the world of Archaeology. The students’ task was to put the bones of a human skeleton in the right place, using reference books, whilst learning how to tell what trauma a person could have experienced by looking at the bones from an Osteo-archaeologist.