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The Wavell School

Chad's Visits to Wavell

by Grace Houghton 9U and Hollie Campbell 9T

The Wavell School was very lucky enough to have 3 visits from a talented former student in October. He is an artist and his art style is all about Japanese manga.

Chad Canterbury was a guest at Japanese Club for 3 weeks in a row on a Friday lunchtime. Chad taught students and teachers to draw eyes and faces and then people in a manga style. Many students benefited from this and as well as their artwork improving, we had lots of fun.

Chad also joined Mr Hamblin’s Year 9 class for 3 Friday afternoons and taught us how to draw in his style. Chad showed how to invent our own characters and many students enjoyed creating their very own manga personality. Drawing different facial expressions was hard but we learnt soon enough. We also learnt a different way of drawing manga known as chibi, which means little in English referring to the characters as being small and cute.


We are thankful to Chad for teaching students how to draw in his unique style and giving up his spare time to help develop new drawing skills at The Wavell.