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Berlin Trip 2019

October 2019

Year 10 and 11 students went on a  jam-packed and very exciting 3 day trip to Berlin at the beginning of half term. The Trip was a joint History, RE and German venture.

We went the Olympic Stadium on the first day and toured many of the sites that were important to Weimar Germany (1919-32).


On the second day we focussed on Nazi Germany and the impact this had on the German people. We went on a very poignant visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. It was very moving to see how the inmates were treated and where they lived. We later did a tour of the Jewish Quarter of Berlin. We ended the day with a tour of the Berlin Dome on top of the Reichstag, it was beautiful!


On the third day we toured many Cold War sites and visited an area of the Berlin Wall, followed by a visit to the Stasi Prison. It was very harrowing to hear what life was like in the Soviet prison, many of the former inmates take the tours around! We then visited the East Side Gallery.



All students were excellent role models and more importantly they had a great time (despite a lot of walking!). 

Miss Woodward, Miss Cossburn and Mr Campbell