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Anxiety Workshops

The School has recently run introductory workshops to support some of our students who have worries or fears often showing in anxious behaviour.

Using PowerPoint, booklet and discussion the workshops are to help the children understand a little more about anxiety and anxious behaviour. How anxiety is part of normal life, while offering support for independent problem solving and resilience building. Such as using the worry scale and evidencing my story or detective thinking. Our Parent Support Adviser is also offering workshops for parents on Understanding and Supporting Children’s Anxiety.

Details can be found here…


Detective thinking example


What is happening?

I am being taught a new skill during PE


What am I thinking?

I will fail/look daft/be laughed at; I can’t do it

Worry rating: 10

What is the evidence?

Everyone is learning, and only some seem to be able to do it.

The idea is to practice till I get it right.

I can usually do new skills ok; I don’t need to be perfect at it.

What is my realistic thought?

Just give it a try; that’s the only way to learn.

Worry rating: 7

An example of PowerPoint slides understanding Anxiety is normal and safe: