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Antony & Cleopatra

On Wednesday 27th November, Wavell’s cast of Shakespeare Schools Festival actors went to GLive for their performance of ‘Antony & Cleopatra’. The Shakespeare Schools Festival is the world's largest youth drama festival which takes place every autumn at professional theatres across the UK.

We are really proud of all the students who took part. Their level of professionalism both on and off stage was astounding. The performance ran smoothly and the students were praised for their high energy levels when performing, it really made the show pop!

Congratulations to the cast and the Student Directors.

Student Director: Aidan Jones
Assistant Student Director: Victoria Ramsay
Antony:  Dan Lewis
Cleopatra: Irene Burton
Caesar: Owen Crocker
Lepidus: Ethan Smith
Octavia/Messenger: Sarah Gould
Sentry: Jasmine Woodward
Soldier: Darcy Walters
Enobarbus: Will Phippen
Eros: Harun Khan
Scarus/Soldier: Ffion Came-Evans
Maecenas: Cadell Seal
Agrippa: Nathaniel Dance
Gallus: Breanna Seke
Proculeius: Imogen Crocker
Charmain: Aisha Wood
Iras: Vasenai Tiko
Mardian: Lauren Hughes
Diomede: Daisy Amero
Soldier/Clown: Jake Whitcombe
Guard/Dancer: Philippa Bolden
Guard/Dancer: Gabrielle Bolden

WOW, what a fantastic original version of such a well-known story. I absolutely loved your fun 90's rock and roll concept and style.

PDF icon Read more of the SSF appraisal of our performance here...


SSF has been amazing, I have met so many amazing people, worked with an amazing Director and two amazingly professional Student Directors. We have set the standards high.
All the work totally payed off, and I had an incredible show and experience.
I will 100% do it next year!

 There will be another chance to see our performance of Antony & Cleopatra at School on 30th/31st January 2020. Tickets will be on sale in the New Year.