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Another Year of Excellent Results in 2019

We are delighted with our results this year, which show an even bigger increase in subjects gaining 80% or more with English at 85% and Maths at 75%, maintaining the excellent standards of last year.


The school is also especially pleased with its 80% students achieving 2 or more Science GCSEs. A wide range of subjects achieved 80% standard passes or better: Biology (100%), Chemistry (100%), Physics (100%), History (84%), Photography (83%) and Art (80%). Special congratulations to 11 of our students who achieved a mixture of the very top grades :Isobel Piper, Theo Lake, Carys Hoggan, Emily Waters, Neelabhra Silsarma, Jack Billingham, Maisy Carty, Bethan Hoggan, Lauren Coles, Kashish Limbu and Louis Thomas. The headteacher, Amanda Rowley, would like to thank all the parents and the staff for supporting the students through all the multiple changes to the GCSE courses over the last 2 years.


Congratulations to everybody.


2019 GCSE Results



National average(2018) Hampshire average(2018)
% overall standard passes 76 67 not yet published
Attainment 8 score 47.7 46.1 47.2
Progress 8 -0.37 -0.02 -0.09
% standard passes in both English and Maths 71 64 67
% strong passes in both English and Maths 47 43 45
% standard passes in English Language 81 75* 54
% standard passes in Maths 75 71* 73*
% gaining 2 or more standard passes in Science 80 62* 61*

* this is the 2017 average


1) standard passes refer to grade 4 or grade C and above.

2) strong passes refer to grade 5 or above