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The Wavell School

We have two halls ideal for children’s parties available for hire on Saturdays and Sundays for children up to the age of 13.

The Wavell Hall has a central sunken area which is perfect for older children as it serves as a great dance floor area with seating around the edge. Perfect for a disco party. Unfortunately, the Wavell Hall is not available for hire for adult parties.

The Wavell Hall

The main Wavell Hall is the ideal place for Disco parties, as the hall comes complete with a stage and is also suitable for Bouncy Castle parties. The bouncy castle can be set up in the well of the hall, due to the high ceiling and tables and chairs are readily available for use.

Sundays available for hire from 2.00pm – 6.00pm

The Sports Hall £34.67 + VAT per hour

The Sports Hall is the ideal place for the sporty child who loves football, basketball or any type of sport. It has goals, basketball hoops, badminton posts and cricket nets and it is also a large, suitable venue for Bubble Football and Nerf Parties, Roller Discos and Bouncy Castle Parties.

Saturdays available for hire from 3pm – 6pm

Sundays available for hire from 1pm – 6pm    Booking Form