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Year 9 Physical Education

What will my child study in PE during Year 9?

In Year 9 students follow a broad and balanced Curriculum aimed at developing students’ competence and confidence to take part in a range of physical activities that will hopefully become a central part of their lives, both in and out of school.

The school has a strong and successful tradition in Physical Education and Sport with individuals and teams regularly achieving success in District and County competitions. All students are expected to participate in PE lessons. There is an extensive programme of after-school sporting activities which change every half term to accommodate for all the activities that run. (See school website for more information)

In Year 9 students have one double lesson of PE

Double lessons:

September – April

Students can be taught in single or mixed gender groups, best suited to following a programme of study personalised for each group.

Students will be taught a combination from the following activities;

– Creative (Sports Acro and Trampolining)

– Competition (Rugby, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Aussie Rules etc)

– Net games (Badminton and Table tennis)

– Alternative Fitness (Zumba, Just Dance etc)


  • As well as these pathways they all do a compulsory Fitness module combining theory and practical
  • After Easter they choose which Athletic discipline to follow (Running, Throwing, Jumping or all 3).
  • Summer term is a choice of Striking and Fielding activities (Cricket, Rounders, Softball).

How will my child be assessed and how will I know how well they are doing in PE in Year 9?

Students will receive a progress review and feedback at Parents Evening regarding their overall performance across a number of disciplines. This will indicate whether they have made the expected progress, for a Year 9 student, to that date. Attitude to learning and Behaviour will also be recorded.

What homework will my child be expected to do in Year 9 in PE?

PE is a practical subject. No formal homework is set.

How can I support my child to do well in PE during Year 9?

By ensuring that each student has the correct PE kit with them for each lesson and that they engage fully with the subject and their teacher. Extra-curricular PE sessions are available for them to further increase their confidence or ability within each activity. 

What equipment may my child need in addition to the standard school equipment?

  • A list of require PE Kit can be found here...

By the end of the year, what would an 'expert' be able to do in PE?

Implement the required basic skills- as well as some advanced one- at the appropriate time, with in both practice and competitive scenarios. In addition to this, they will be able to take on the role of coach, captain or leader within a group or team in order to further support their peers as well begin to officiate matches.

My child is struggling during the course, what additional help is available to help them keep up?

Extra-curricular PE, in a recreational setting, is available to all students and not just those who wish to compete and represent the school. This is the perfect setting to receive 1-2-1 feedback from PE staff and extra support.


Updated September 2022