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Year 8 Geography

What will my child study in Geography during Year 8?

Topics for study:

  • Tectonics – Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Population– Understanding how population change affects us
  • Africa – Understanding biomes and how they affect nature and people
  • Urbanisation – Place study understanding cities and India
  • Rivers – Understanding Physical Processes and River Landscapes
  • Asia and China – Regional Case Study

How will my child be assessed and how will I know how well they are doing in Geography in Year 8?

  • Modular assessments are held after each unit of work (usually every 5/6 weeks). 

  • Students should be able to describe and explain physical and human processes and recognise that these create the distinctive characteristics of places. Able Geographers can also appreciate and explain how human activities can have environmental consequences at a range of scales and this may lead to conflict. They can also understand that people have a variety of viewpoints about issues and give their own view about topics studied.

What homework will my child be expected to do in Year 8 in Geography?

  • Homework at KS3 is set fortnightly and includes tasks to support class work and extend Student’s geographical knowledge. These range from online quizzes, independent learning/research tasks, posters and presentations and model building. Students should take note of the due date set by their teacher and have it completed and ready to hand in at that time.

How can I support my child to do well in Geography during Year 8?

  • Please ensure that homework is completed on time and in advance of the deadline.

  • Encourage your child to ask their teacher for help if there are any difficulties and make use of the Geography homework club (Monday after school, A2.2). We recommend that students print any necessary work 48 hours before it is due, as broken personal printers are a frequent cause of late work.

What equipment may my child need in addition to the standard school equipment?

  • All students need a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber. 

  • Coloured pencils (not felt tipped pens) are also helpful.

By the end of the year, what would an 'expert' be able to do in Geography?

Expert students will start analyse information and consider different perspectives and viewpoints to present balanced conclusions to issues they are studying.

My child is struggling during the course, what additional help is available to help them keep up?

All students have access to Kerboodle which provides online text books for the topics we cover in class.  SAM Learning provides quizzes linked to the topics.  The National Academy also provide online lessons on the topics covered in the National Curriculum


Updated September 2023