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COVID-19 Wavellmail Archive

 10.03.21 Start and Finish Times Confirmation

 02.03.21 Year 7 Mass Testing Invitation 02.03.21 Year 8 Mass Testing Invitation

 02.03.21 Year 9 Mass Testing Invitation

 02.03.21 Year 10 Mass Testing Invitation

 02.03.21 Year 11 Mass Testing Invitation

 01.03.21 Wavellmail 2: Lateral Flow Testing for Staff and Students

PDF icon How to do your COVID Test


 It is absolutely crucial that we keep your child safe. Could you please complete and submit the Consent Form in the link sent via Wavellmail  by

Wednesday 3rd March, 3pm. Each child needs a separate consent return. 

 26.02.21 Return to School 

PDF icon Wavellmail 1

 23.02.21  8th March 2021

 13.01.21 Awarding of GCSE Grades - Summer 2021 (Year 11 only)

 13.01.21 Free School Meal Vouchers (FSM students only)

 12.01.21 Advice on supporting your child with remote learning 06.01.21 Remote Learning 04.01.21 Yr11  Remote Learning for 5th - 8th January 04.01.21 Yr10  Remote Learning for 5th - 8th January 04.01.21  Yr7-9 Remote Learning for 5th - 8th January

PDF iconAccessing your Office 365 email system

 03.01.21 Year 7 Keyworker Place

 31.12.20 Govt. Change of Plan re. Start of Term - URGENT 29.12.20 Start of Term and Testing - URGENT 15.12.20 COVID Update 10.12.20 Urgent -Final Day of the School Term - Thursday 17th December 2020 08.12.20 Health & Safety Inspection - a success 25.11.20 Attendance Rate Celebration 05.11.20 New National Regulations – Compulsory Face Coverings 04.11.20 Thank you 01.11.20 Important Information Please Read 23.10.20 Masks to be wornPDF icon 23.10.20 COVID Update 21.10.20 Keep Hampshire Safe - COVID

PDF icon Flowchart for Sending your child to school

PDF icon Hands Face Space

PDF icon KHS Half Term Safety

 15.10.20 Wearing of Face Masks 13.10.20 Hands Face, Space 01.10.20 Covid Information from Parents 28.09.20 The rules of self-isolation 25.09.20 NHS Test and Trace 16.09.20 Masks 08.09.20 First Day Back Celebrations and Reminders 27.08.20 Wavell School First Day Arrival Time and Meeting Place 21.07.20 Dress Code and Equipment Reminder 21.07.20 Physical Education from September 2020 20.07.20 September re-opening of School - essential reading

PDF iconNew School Day

 14.07.20 Important School Dates

 22.06.20 Warm Weather Reminder (for students currently attending school)

 16.06.20 Face to Face Online Lessons KS3

 12.06.20 Wavell School Year 10 one day face to face teaching provision (sent to those who have registered to attend)

 10.06.20 Arrangements for Year 10 face to face teaching

 08.06.20 Uniform Update-Brenda's COVID-19 update and service adjustment for summer 2020

PDF icon Brendas COVID-19 Service_Adjustments

 02.06.20 Year 10 Provision at The Wavell School - Deadline Thursday 4th June 2020

 22.05.20 Wavell School Provision Update

 22.05.20 Year 11 Update

 21.05.20 Support Leaflets

PDF icon Young Person Flyer

PDF icon Support for Parents Flyer

PDF icon Concerned for a Child Flyer

 15.05.20 Online HMS Music Lessons (HMS Students) 14.05.20 Y7-9 Submitting Work

 06.05.20 Year 10 Meeting the Teacher and Students Online

 01.05.20 Year 11 Updates Regarding Online Learning and Award of GCSE Grades

PDF icon Accessing your Office 365 Email System

PDF icon 30.04.20 VE Day Bank Holiday 8th May 2020

 24.04.20 Year 7-9 Launch of Student School Email Addresses and Update on Remote Learning

 24.04.20 Year 10 Launch of Student School Email Addresses and Update on Remote Learning

PDF icon Accessing your Office 365 Email System

 23.04.20 Wellbeing

PDF icon Keeping Active for Well-being

 22.04.20 Online Safety at Home

 17.04.20 Ongoing Emergency Service

 03.04.2020 Year 11 GCSE Grades

PDF iconLetter from Ofqual

 03.04.2020 Hampshire Music Service - Virtual Learning Zone (HMS Students Only)

 02.04.20 Free School Meal Vouchers (FSM students only)

 27.03.20 Update to the way in which we are working remotely with the students

PDF icon Remote Learning FAQs

 24. 03.20 Update

 24.03.20 Year 11 Information

 24.03.20 Hampshire Music Services

 20.03.20 Friday Update

PDF icon Y7-10 Assemblies

PDF icon Y11 Assembly

 20.03.20 Update & Key Workers

 19.03.20 Coronavirus Update -school closure to most students

 19.03.20 Study at Home

18.03.20 Student Absence

 18.03.20 Parents on Site

18.03.20 Coronavirus Update

16.03.20 Year 10 Parents' Evening Postponed

12.03.20 Personal Hygiene 27.02.20 Latest Medical Advice

 11.02.20 Wuhan Novel Coronavirus

PDF icon Public Health England Advice


Last updated: 20/01/2022 09:10

The Wavell School  is actively updating this page of the website regularly to share information about the School’s preparations and responses to the current situation regarding COVID-19. Should you have any further questions after reading this information, please email

We are following the  Department of Health and Public Health England guidelines on responding to the virus.

Latest Wavellmails sent regarding the COVID-19 outbreak:

 20.02.22 COVID-19  Masks in School

 12.01.22 COVID-19 Reminder of Procedures

 10.01.22 COVID-19 Vaccination - second dose

 E-Consent Covid Dose 2 Vaccination Letter

 07.01.22 COVID-19 - Lateral Flow testing at home

 03.01.22 COVID-19 Update

 13.12.21 COVID Home Testing - Monday 3rd January 2022

 25.11.21 COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests at Home

 03.11.21 COVID-19 Update

 22.10.21 Lateral Flow Testing during October Half Term

PDF icon Government letter

 21.10.21 COVID Vaccinations

 14.10.21 COVID 19 Vaccination - 1st November

PDF icon Parent Letter

PDF icon PHE Guide

PDF icon Consent Form

 17.09.21COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests at Home

 16.09.21 Public Health England  Notification - Important

 02.09.21 COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests at Home Year 7

 01.09.21 COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests at Home

PDF icon Self Test Instructions 

PDF icon COVID self test 

 20.07.21 COVID Health AND Safety Regulations this Week and September onwards

PDF icon Nepali Version

 16.07.21 Parent Information

 07.07.21 Home Test Kits

 02.07.21 Face Masks and Coverings

 14.06.21 Home Test Kits

 20.05.21 Home Test Kits

 13.05.21 Face Coverings & Masks

 21.04.21 Home Test Kits

 29.03.21 Home Test Kits

 24.03.21 Home Testing for Parents and Carers

 15.03.21 COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests at Home

PDF iconCovid Self-Test

PDF iconCOVID-19 self-test instruction



What is the current situation?

The School is OPEN to ALL STUDENTS

How are we trying to keep the school safe?

We are following Government and Public Health England instructions especially our emphasis that everybody has a responsibility to wash their hands regularly and practise good respiratory hygiene. 

Masks are to be worn everywhere inside the school buildings including classrooms until the Government review the situation on Wednesday 26th January 2022. Please make sure your child also brings a SPARE mask.

The Department of Education are stating that it is vitally important that staff and students continue regular testing during the Spring Term. 

We are maintaining our staggered breaks, lunches and zoned social spaces to help with social distancing.

Students will also be expected to continue to use our one-way system.

Cleaning products are available in all classrooms if needed.

Staff are still being advised not to work up close with the students.

We strongly recommend that your child gets plenty of fresh air and exercise by walking or cycling to and from school, rather than using public transport.

PDF icon Safeguarding and Child Protection arrangements during COVID

What actions can I take to keep my family safe from COVID-19?


  • Take regular Lateral Flow Tests 
  • Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces
  • Wash your hands with soap and water often - do this for at least 20 seconds
  • Always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • Put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • Get a test if you are feeling unwell


  • Touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean
  • Leave your home if you develop any COVID symptoms, other than to be tested
  • Leave your home for at least 10 days if you test positive.

For further advice visit the NHS website

What should I do if my child or member of the household shows symptoms of COVID-19?

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a  new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • loss/change in your normal sense of taste or smell

Visit NHS 111 for an online symptom checker

 In line with Public Health Guidance,

  • If you have any of the symptoms you must get a PCR test. Please use the NHS website or call 119 to book a test or for details and further advice.
  • If your child tests positive for COVID-19 the isolation period has now reduced to 7 days. Anyone who has tested positive can take an LFD test on day 6 and day 7 and if both are negative (with no high temperature) they can go back to school/work. 
    Update: The Govt has provisionally reduced this to 5 days from Monday 17th January in support of key workers and their institutions
  • Your child can continue to come to school if they have a close contact who is COVID positive as long as:

    · They don’t have symptoms

    · They do daily LFD tests for 7 days

Guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection

Self Isolation and Treating symptoms Guidance 

Positive Test Results:

If you need to report a positive test result for your child please follow the procedure below:

a. Send in the following information to including at weekends and in the evenings.

- name of student

- if the student is displaying symptoms

- the date the symptoms started

b. Please do not contact any other parents about the matter, as we as a school have to work directly with the Department of Education (DfE) COVID-19 team about any steps we need to take. It is the DfE and Public Health England (PHE) and the school’s joint decision as to what needs to happen. There is a rigorous procedure to follow and I need to control and manage levels of concern by controlling appropriate communications to the right people at the right time. 

What should I do if my child has no symptoms but tests positive on a routine LFD?

They must isolate at home for at least 7 days.

A follow-up PCR test is no longer required.

Please report the positive test result for your child:

- name of student

- the date the positive LFD was taken

Children with positive results and/or symptoms are to stay at home and follow the latest Government regulations:

  • At least 7 days isolation*
  • LFD test before 8am on Day 6
  • LFD test before 8am on Day 7


Update: The Govt has provisionally reduced this to 5 days from Monday 17th January in support of key workers and their institutions

If the School is closed how will we communicate with you?

We will use WavellMails and all necessary information will also be available on this webpage. Please do not call the school unless you require contact with a member of staff in an emergency. Please email us will all enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  We will keep in contact with you throughout the closure.

Parents and carers can also join our online Year Group communities on Facebook for further support, information and advice.

How will learning continue in the event of further school closures?

  • Teachers will set work via the Satchel One Platform (formerly known as Show My Homework)
  • Teachers will set relevant work that follows the curriculum as much as possible during the closure
  • Students should follow their normal timetable where possible and find the work for each lesson on Satchel:One
  • The work may involve accessing other websites as directed by the teacher
  • If you have any queries about the work please email
  • There are many links to useful educational websites on our Learning Links Page

How can I keep my child safe online?

As your children will be spending more time online, it important to help keep them safe. You can find advice about keeping your children safe whilst online via the following links:

Government Guidance

Hampshire County Council Online Safety Guide


Digital Parenting Magazine

UK Safer Internet Centre


PDF icon E-safety for Teens

Nepali Version

How can I support my child emotionally during this time?

During lockdown your Parent Support Advisor, Linda Parry, is available for evening telephone/video calls if you want to discuss any issues you may have with your child/ren, including positive parenting, behaviour management, routine, understanding emotions (anxiety/anger) etc. Please email if you need any support.

Setting routines, including working on-line through Show My Homework lessons, will help so that there is a sense of normality. Healthy eating, exercise and fresh air all support our well-being and mental health.

PDF icon Keeping Active for Well-being

PDF icon It's OK to worry about Coronavirus

Teen Mental Health Guide

Limiting use of Social Media may help keep your child from worrying about “false information”.

The charity MIND have produced some excellent guidance to the coronavirus and wellbeing which might be of interest here 

PDF icon COVID-19 Advice for Parents and Carers

PDF icon Government guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young peoples mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus covid 19 outbreak

Documents produced by our Parent Support Adviser:

PDF icon Importance of Routines

PDF icon Supporting Stress, worry and anxious behaviour

Nepali Version

PDF icon Understanding and supporting emotions: Grief

Nepali Version

The Hampshire Educational Psychology Telephone Support Line is also available for parents/carers to access for any queries relating to the emotional wellbeing of the children they are caring for. 01252 814 729

Other useful links:

Young Minds - Support for mental health and wellbeing of children and young people

Anxiety UK - Information about supporting young people with anxiety

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families is a national children’s mental health charity which offers advice for supporting mental health and wellbing

NHS Every Mind Matters - Looking after children and young people during the coronavirus outbreak

Calm is a worldwide app for guided relaxation and mindfulness. They have created free access to support guided relaxation in response to the coronavirus situation 


 Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic family Covid-19 Helpline 

The Helpline is available between 1 pm and 8pm Monday to Friday to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children and
young people between the age 11-25 years and their parents/carers.




What support is available for struggling families?

Hampshire County Council have produced a guide to support adult mental health and wellbeing particularly during these stressful times. Here you will find helpful tips and links to a range of resources, including information on where to find specific support and urgent care if needed. If you are struggling please ask for help.

PDF icon HCC Wellbeing Guide for Adults

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic family Covid-19 Helpline 

The Helpline is available between 1 pm and 8pm Monday to Friday to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children and
young people between the age 11-25 years and their parents/carers.

Financial Assistance

Citizens Advice are working together in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to offer a solution to mitigate the COVID-19 Debt crisis. U Benefit is aimed at clients who face debt and financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19.

Winter Grants scheme
This scheme is funded via Hampshire County Council and central government. Fuel vouchers will be made available to partner organisations to distribute to those in most need.


Where can I find additional information?

We will post all our linked WavellMails here on this COVID-19 Update webpage for ease of access.

Further details can also be found on the Government website.

For COVID-19 information in different languages please click here 

EAL Parents can continue to phone the EMTAS phone numbers to speak to a member of staff.