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Year of the Horse

Happy New Year 2014 - Year of the Horse - from Japanese Club 


Japanese Club Xmas Party - 12th December


Despite Japan not being a Christian country (with the exception of some coastal areas such as Nagasaki that were visited by Portuguese missionaries) Japanese people do celebrate the modern aspects of Xmas such as shopping and Santa Claus in a red Coca Cola suit. To join in this spirit we held our own Japanese Club Xmas Party with party hats, rice crackers, Gao Gao the scary toy dog and lots of Pocky biscuits.

Party party Gao Gao


Manga - 3rd October


Japanese Club members are seriously getting into drawing anime style.

Olivia kindly shared with us her step-by-step guide to drawing a half-human half-cat Manga character.

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9


Farewell from Lynne - July


It is that time of year when we have to say goodbye to our Year 11 members. A special thank you from everyone to Lynne Rothwell, our first Japanese Club prefect, who ably assisted by her deputy Samantha Curwell, has done a fantastic job all year in helping to plan topics and ensuring the smooth running of the club every week. An example of Lynne’s dedication is this video message/montage which she prepared to say sayonara to us all. Arigato gozaimasu Lynne and for the future gambatte kudasai.


When Harry Met Japanese Club - 2nd May


We were delighted to hold a joint Harry Potter and Japanese Club Day on 2nd May.

Harry Potter Studios JapanIt was to celebrate the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan this summer.



Everyone enjoyed taking part in a 10 part maru-batsu (true-false) quiz on all things Harry Potter and Japan related.



1. Daniel Radcliffe will star in “Tokyo Vice,” a thriller featuring a real-life American journalist who explored Japan’s underworld

2. Yuko Matsuoka, the Japanese translator was chased by tax authorities for failing to declare 3.5 billion yen in income

3. In 2014 a new Wizzarding World of Harry Potter Studio will open in Tokyo

4. The new studio in Japan will open on 31st July

5. Diplomatic arguments between China and Japan broke out recently over Lord Voldemort

6. EA Games Quidditch World Cup is a video game in which Japan's Team Special Move is known as The Karaoke and involves singing and swinging of microphone leads

Manga HP

7. The announcement of the opening date for the Theme Park in Japan was attended by Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

8.  In the Japanese dubbed version of the film, Rubeus Hagrid speaks in the Tōhoku dialect, which to a Japanese reader conveys a provincial feel similar to a Geordie accent in British English

9.  Controversy was caused when the Japanese translator by using katakana for owl and bird names in some places and hiragana in others.

10.  This is how you write  Harry Potter  in Japanese:


 Read the answers here!...

Cherry Blossom Sakura'Hanami' Flower Watching - 4th April

Hanami Kanji Character


On 4th April Japanese Club enjoyed taking part in 'Hanami'. Literally translated it means “flower watching”.




We blew the dust off the picnic rugs, Brogen made cakes and we had our own version of a Japanese tradition. In the spring when the sakura (cherry blossom) is in full bloom friends, family and work colleagues gather outside to eat, talk, drink, and just be outside to celebrate the beauty of nature and the change of seasons.