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We Care to Challenge

Year 7 Puzzle Day

by Year 10 helpers Xinran Liu and Elizabeth Bonnett

On Friday 7th July, it was Puzzle Day for all our Year 7 students.

In the morning, the Year 7s were set 8 maths puzzles out on the school field. The students were split into house teams with up to 8 students in each team. With up to 7 teams per house the competition was fierce and each group had to use teamwork, organisation and communication skills to pass.

There were 8 tasks altogether and we will describe two of them in further detail below:

 Frogs on a Log

Stepping Stones



Tower of Hanoi

Build a Cube

Tie the Knot


Gallery of Photographs can be viewed here...

One of the tasks was the Hula Hoop Race where the students had to stand in a circle holding hands, with the hoop on one person’s arm, and pass the large hoop around the circle without letting go of each other’s hands or allowing the hoop to touch the ground. This meant that teamwork and listening skills were vital.


Another task was crossing 'The Acid River'. The aim of this game was for all the students to get across the 'acid' river using a large plank, a small plank and a bench. The students and the planks were not allowed into the river and to add to their troubles only two people were allowed on the bench and one person was allowed on the plank at once.


In the afternoon all the group were set a range of maths-related puzzles to solve a Murder Mystery.

Well done to Mistral 3 for being the top team overall at Puzzle Day and to Mistral for coming top House. Congratulations to all the students who took part and thank you to the Year 10 helpers who assisted the Maths Faculty.

A special thank you to A.L.S. Tyres Farnborough who very kindly prepared the tyres for us to use in the Tower of Hanoi task.