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Year 7 Plant Cells!

Mr Bullion's Year 7 science students were recently given the homework task of creating a plant cell model out of materials of their choice. The results were spectacular...

How I created Plant Cell Gingerbread Cookies

by Arthur Payne 7Z

It was the last week before half term and our science teacher told us that there was homework to make a model of a plant cell out of whatever we liked, and it had to have all the parts that we had learned about. I first got the idea to make cookies because I remember in primary school for homework projects; people would make really good models out of food. I wanted them to be edible, but that meant leaving them to the last day. I got the supplies the day before making them, but found that the supermarket didn’t have the sweet pastry dough that I was going to use, so I used ready-made gingerbread dough. I also bought; some green and blue icing, a large pack of chocolate sprinkles, some ordinary-sized jelly babies, a tube of orange food dye, a glace cherry tub and some icing sugar. After making the cookies, I put on orange icing for the cytoplasm, then, I put on the chloroplast (green jelly babies pieces). After that, I used the chocolate sprinkles to act as the mitochondria. For the nucleus I used glace cherries. I tried one on its own, it was horrible! Finally, I iced a green ring on the outside to be the cell membrane, and a blue one as the cell wall.

Other students' exceptional pieces of work:

Abhinav's clay model -

Rebecca's plasticine model -Bailey's Foam model -