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Year 11 Spanish Trip

by Alfie O'Connor

On Friday the 20th of October 20 Year 11 students took a flight to Madrid, Spain.

Upon arrival we got our first taste of Spanish culture by catching the bus to where we were staying (Room 007!). On arrival at the Hotel there was no time to unpack and get rest as we went straight to the Museo del Jamón for dinner. There were several traditional Spanish dishes to choose from on the menu. After this, we went on a walking tour of Madrid at night showing Spanish night life culture.

The next day we were all up and off to the Royal Palace where we had an opportunity to visit the Royal Armoury as well as the interior of the Palace.


There was an opportunity to take some wonderful photos and to purchase souvenirs from the shop. After visiting the Palace, we were given 1 hour and 30 mins to go shopping in Puerta del Sol. Being frantic to eat, this was a crucial time for us to utilise our Spanish communication and one group of students ended up ordering 48 pieces of chicken from KFC! After lunch, we jumped on the subway and went to the famous Las Ventas bullring and had an amazing tour with Sergio, our very enthusiastic guide. That afternoon we also indulged in one of Madrid’s most famous foods, Churros. During the evening’s bowling activity there was fierce competition with Mr Iglesias on top form and everyone finding it hard to match him.


The next day we visited the legendary El Rastro market where Mr Iglesias and Miss Egan gave us a list of objects which we had to acquire within the time limit. This was again great fun as some students’ Spanish skills weren’t as good as expected and we had some weird objects that weren’t on the list like a USB stick! Once the market shopping was over everyone headed to the El Buen Retiro. This was very enjoyable and is the equivalent of Hyde Park in London. There were many activities to do while here like hiring a boat or a bicycle but most people sat down and took long walks around the park. After leaving the park there was a short walk back to the hotel and then out for dinner, once again, at a traditional Spanish restaurant.


On the final day everyone was allowed another 2 hours of shopping in Puerta De Sol and after that it was a quick bus ride back to the airport.

Overall this was an amazing trip Run by Mr Iglesias and Miss Egan all the students send their thanks for making their trip worthwhile.