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We Care to Challenge

Primary Science Club

This year 3 feeder primary schools have visited The Wavell to take part in an exciting ‘Introduction to Science’ course. Over 6 weeks, 12 pupils from each school have mastered a number of skills by participating in a variety of scientific challenges.


South Farnborough Junior School used flame tests to break the code and determine the names of master criminals, while young scientists from St Mark’s primary school used fire writing to uncover secret messages! Pupils from St Peter’s proved very successful at saving The Wavell from an ‘alien acid attack’ by using titration to work out how much alkaline solution we would need to use in our defence, in order to neutralise the chemical!


In addition to this, the budding scientists participated in food testing, microscope analysis of animal and plant cells, making crunchy foam and designing safety features for go-karts.

At the end of each session all pupils were greeted by a cohort of friendly parents, carers and relatives as they came to pick up their enthusiastic scientists.  This gave many parents the opportunity to look at what their children had achieved and to soak up the exciting atmosphere which was always created. It has been a pleasure working with everyone from these 3 schools and we look forward to collaborating on more projects in the future.