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KS2 Technology Days

This term the Design and Technology Department and a team of Year 9 helpers have visited 3 local primary schools, and 2 other schools have visited us to take part in KS2 Technology Day.

Year 5 and 6 pupils spent the day learning about Design and Technology by doing an Electronic-Textiles project. The pupils were taught by our Year 9 helpers to design and make their own light-up keyring, using some exciting E-Textiles materials. Congratulations to  Zoe, Joseph, Eve, Adam, Gemma, Jonathon, Viktoria, Nicole, Rebecca, Alice, Jasmine and Liam, our Year 9 students, for their terrific help - they have done the Wavell School and The Design & Technology department very proud.

During the Technology Days they collectively helped to make 234 light-up keyrings, with pupils across 5 primary schools!

We have since received some lovely thank you letters from the pupils.
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